Monday Moan #26


As a new player, one of the most confusing things ever is getting a piece of tier gear and having no  idea how to obtain it.

I have been playing WoW for a while now, but this STILL baffles me – especially LFR gear. I go to the vendor and I’m faced with lots of different options for one piece of gear. Let’s say you have a chest piece. You go to the vendor, select your spec, then you’re faced with 3 chest options (none of which have the same name as your tier piece!) from which you determine the specific thing you need. All of agility on, but different set bonuses. This is really confusing!!!

Aviary Photo_130225191335027891

Now I’ve been playing longer, I understand – mostly – what I’m looking for: raid finder, heroic and item levels. However, I can totally understand how easy it is to buy the wrong piece of gear and not realise. I think there should be a system in place, such as selecting where it dropped to help cut down the options, like on the dungeon loot information screen.

Did anyone else have these issues, or is it just my noobishness?

2 thoughts on “Monday Moan #26

  1. They typically do that for players who want their tier for off spec pieces, IE. tanks who are gearing their dps set. It takes some getting used to seeing it that way, but before you know it you won’t even think about it!

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