Alt Appreciation – Hunter Week

Class Week

Welcome to hunter week!

Hunter’s are COOL! Here’s mine:

WoWScrnShot_090513_171139These are my leet views on why these are awesome…

1. you get to shoot stuff

2. pewpewpew!

3. you get to shoot stuff.

Ok, seriously now. My hunter is level 73 (as we speak) and I’m loving leveling him up. I’m doing a bit of PvE, a bit of PvP and a bit of questing. I can solo pretty much anything and, of course, Kash is pretty cool. I think, for a change, we both agree that the pet aspect of the hunter is what we love most.

I absolutely adored my hunter…

Aviary Photo_130212013097614542

The levelling was quick and easy, I felt invincible. The pets are blimmin’ awesome and I love collecting bows and badass transmogs. My hunter was the 2nd alt I leveled and once I figured out the pet can take a lot of hits, I just pulled and pulled and loved every minute. I collected some pretty awesome pets, loved the MoP ‘challenge tames’ and started LFR to gear her.

This is where the problems began. My DPS was shocking. Now, don’t get me wrong, I don’t expect mega DPS but oh em gee this was bad. Level 90, 500ilvl and 50k DPS. I checked icy veins, AMR, asked people… everything. Nothing improved unless I was constantly multi shotting. Meh.

So, I decided to go pet hunting instead. If I’m ever feeling down, or bored with WoW, I choose a pet to go and tame and it’s a guaranteed adrenaline rush. My go-to good feeling provider. Anyway, off I went to get Kash and some Silithus rares with no problems. Then I decided to try for the most elusive one so far…Skoll. This dude had NEVER been up, not in all my time hunting. So, I parked her in Storm Peaks and sat down to wait. My usual pet hunting strategy is to pick a spot and log in whenever I can to check it. Always worked well for me as I haven’t got time to camp it traditionally. On the 5th day of checking, I decide to make a cuppa whilst hovering next to the spawn point I chose. Another hunter rocked up after half an hour or so… an Ally. I follow the unwritten rule of if there’s multiple spawn points, you don’t camp where someone else is… it’s just RUDE! But no, he sits there next to me and starts chatting. Ugh. Then…. *heart attack* up pops Skoll and he gets ninja’d right from under my nose. Since then I just can’t stomach the motivation or love for her… the DPS is crap, the pets are crap, the mog is crap, the bow from AQ40 hasn’t dropped in 8 runs….

I’m hoping I’ll find the love soon – I kinda miss her!

See you next week.

4 thoughts on “Alt Appreciation – Hunter Week

  1. I camp pets and stuff the same way you do!
    And I’m so sorry Skoll got ninjaed from you. That was really a jerk move. Hope something really awesome happens for you to help you get your hunter love back.

  2. What a stupid person! I would be so angry, I would command this person to leave. Lol, or just rage if he didn’t.. Some people… /sigh Well, I hope you’re getting the Hunter love back!

    Btw, I love your Alt Appreciation-posts! It’s really fun to read.

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