Dress Poor!

Another awesome blog challenge for us to enjoy, this one by Batinna. Check out her blog here.


I probably won’t have time to go out and farm the gear (as much as I want to), BUT I might cheat and use mogit to show you what I’d do… I hope Batinna forgives me 😉

Anyway, this week is “poor”. I first thought about the recession, then about clothes I couldn’t buy, then about how I wish I could sew. THEN I remembered that my mage is a tailor and can make her own clothes! So… off I went and with a budget of 15g and some linen cloth, I made my own set of totally dapper clothes:

Aviary Photo_130233997378976045

Aviary Photo_130233997151824900


Embroidered Hat: free! Oh, I bought some thread for 8 copper…

Reinforced Linen Cape: free!

Brown Linen Robe: free!

Heavy Linen Gloves: free!

Linen Belt: free!

Russet Boots: free!

Walking Stick: 2g from the vendor in Elwynn Forest

Of course, the drawback to making your own clothes out of left over cloth is that you can’t go being an adventurer as you die really easily. Hmm…


7 thoughts on “Dress Poor!

  1. This is great! So creative! 😀 Good job, it’s fantastic ^^
    Ofc, I will forgive you for using MogIt, hehe. I’m actually really surprised you found time for this too, wow 🙂 Thanks for joining! 😀

      • Yeah I will 😀 Sicarios and I are moving our blogs together on a new platform, we’re working on it right now with new domain and stuff, and when it’s done I’ll do it! 🙂

        It will not take long 🙂

  2. Oh she looks so cute 🙂 I love the robe a lot. This is a good idea for a challenge, I might try to fit it in as well though I can see that maybe mogit might be a handy helper if there is a special piece I can’t find or farm.

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