Post Patch-Day Post

So, here we are 3 days after the introduction of 5.4 and the Timeless Isle and I’ve been trying to write this post since Wednesday. I wasn’t excited at all about it (I was!) but actually, we’ve really been enjoying it so far.

Here’s our impressions so far:

Timeless Isle Pros

  • Cool concept with a nice story. I don’t think the lore sits with the rest of the patch particularly, but as neither of us have huge lore knowledge, we’re not really good people to comment.
  • Good layout and design (although I expected it to be bigger) and I like the Jade Forest feel


  • Gear and coins seem to drop in enough abundance that you’re not annoyed, but not enough so that you’re always kept wanting more to work towards that elusive mount/piece of gear/vanity item
  • The little challenges and achievements, like finding the chests are really fun!


  • The gambler, Kukuru, who owns the chests. I think it’s a great idea to get people to spend the coins and, secretly, we like a bit of a flutter!


  • Rares seem to spawn frequently and the world bosses have a lovely model

WoWScrnShot_091413_170958 This dude dropped some awesome 553 gloves for my Monk!

  • I like that there’s a small bit you can’t access unless you have the cloak – an element of mystery. I HATE THIS!
  • Awesome vanity items! This one is “Rime of the Time-Lost Mariner”, a drop from a rare. Pretty groovy, huh?

Aviary Photo_130236519190942545

  • Exploring the island is very fun… finding the chests hidden away and the quirks, like the clickable buffs
  • Being able to gear up your alts so easily is proving to be excellent. My warlock is now 485!
  • The sheer amount of stuff to do is pretty amazing. We’ve both wiled away a few hours without realising it.

Timeless Isle Cons

  • The flight point layout to get there is ridiculous
  • Lots of people means lots of issues – lag, killing rares before you can get there, idiots blocking the quest givers, competition for chests/spawns, not enough mobs to go around etc etc


  • The Yaungol rep grind (at the moment) seems extremely long. 22 rep per mob (which there aren’t enough of unless it’s the middle of the night) is a looooong grind.
  • That damn bridge. I think it’s stupid that not everyone can access content unless you have spent weeks grinding the legendary. Seems a bit exclusive, which rightly or wrongly, I don’t like.

So, what do you think so far? We love to hear your views!

2 thoughts on “Post Patch-Day Post

  1. I pretty much love it all except for the Yaungol grind. When I go up there they are all dead usually so it’s going to take a looooong time. I don’t like to be excluded either and I’m never getting the cloak so I took an albatross ride up there to loot the burning chest. Can’t keep my Druid out!

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