Dress Fishy!

This week, there’s something fishy in the air… (here‘s the explanation if you’re new to the challenge)


My Mage spends a lot of her time fishing, and I’m always looking for the perfect outfit. I mean, do you go for style over substance? Or functionality? Or even colour coding?? Fishing in Jade Forest is all well and good, but it can get a bit chilly up in Kun’Lai Summit…

Aviary Photo_130246058535519243

Aviary Photo_130246058424008258


  • Weather-Beaten Fishing Hat… because every fisherwoman worth her salt needs one!
  • Yellow Lumberjack Shirt. Old school, but fabulous.
  • Anglers Tabard. Wear it with pride, my dears.
  • Unsanitary Gloves. Well now, you wouldn’t wear your best hauling those stinking things out of the lake, would you?
  • Detonation Cord. Best belt e.v.e.r! It has a little pouch for your equipment, and it EXPLODES! You don’t even need a pole, just throw it in and kill the damn things!
  • Heavy Woolen Pants. Now you don’t need me to explain these, do you?
  • Walking Boots. Because stilettos aren’t invented yet…
  • Dragon Fishing Pole. I’m all up for this, return-to-the-old-school-ways-of-using-a-stick, but actually, I love my pole and would never fish without it!

2 thoughts on “Dress Fishy!

  1. Love the outfit! You and Salty El would have a grand old time fishing together. 😀

    I’m working on a Fishing outfit right now that will probably end up using a similar color scheme, albeit in leather instead of cloth. I also plan to use the Anglers tabard, but the character I want to wear the outfit is still working on her Anglers rep, so it’ll be awhile before I get the outfit finished and posted.

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