Monday Moan #29

the-sha-of-anger-world-of-warcraft-screenshot-62309This week I’m going to have a well deserved moan about these whispers that I received this weekend:

[AnnoyingPerson1] MAGE, SLOW FALL ME

[AnnoyingPerson1] ffs, just slow fall me

[AnnoyingPerson1] are u retarded? slow fall me

[Me] Lol /ignore


[AnnoyingPerson2] can I have slow fall

[AnnoyingPerson2] can I have slow fall

[Me] Perhaps you could ask politely and I might consider it

[AnnoyingPerson2] Louloutte, can you please slow fall me?

[Me] Yes ofc /cast slowfall


[NicePerson1] hi m8, could I have slow fall please?

[Me] with pleasure!

[NicePerson1] Thanks 🙂


Can you spot the slowfalling mage?

I don’t know how people in their right mind think that /yelling or /whispering me with insults or not asking politely will get them what they want. I usually queue for LFR whilst pottering around the Timeless Isle, so to invite people to a group just to slow fall them is not really ideal as it takes me out the group.

I also have an issue with people not saying please, or people insulting me if I don’t reply to their whisper straight away. How DARE they call me names just because they’ve demanded something?

6 thoughts on “Monday Moan #29

  1. I completely agree. I think people think mages just exist in WoW to serve them. The other day I was out doing my fishing dailies & I get whispered by a complete stranger asking for a teleport from SW to Shrine. I replied to say I wasn’t actually in SW (I was in Krasarang Wild). The person replies, “Yes but can you portal back to SW to teleport me to Shrine.” Of course I’m such a softy I ended up doing exactly that because I felt mean not doing so, but I was quite take aback by the cheek of it 🙂

  2. Come now, surely it’s a refreshing change from having them rudely demand food all the time.

    Perhaps you need a priest alt. Lifegrip – so much scope for revenge on rude people demanding levitate/heals/whatever.

    • Haha, you’re right, but unless I’m /w directly, I don’t ever put a table down. I don’t really understand why they can’t bring their own food?! Maybe I’m just bitter after being sworn at this weekend…

      Check out our character pages though, we both have a Priest alt…. lifegrip is definitely one of the most satisfying things ever!

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