Furblogs and Timbermaw Hold

Today I was casually farming for my Winterspring cub, when I realised that by killing the Furblogs I was gaining Timbermaw rep – 22 rep per kill was adding up and I was already honoured with Timbermaw Hold. Off I went to Wowhead (which has a brilliant guide by the way) to discover that it’s an insanely quick rep guide! Bonus!


I was already honoured, from levelling and doing Loremaster, so I only needed about 30k of rep. I decided to do a couple of final quests then grind the furblogs by the lake in Felwood for the feathers to hand in. You can also grind them Winterspring side for the beads, but the mobs are more spread out so it’s not as time efficient.

Anyway, off I went to do laps around the lake and within an hour, I was exalted.


There is an achievement for being exalted with both Timbermaw and Kurenai. We already had this though. For me, it meant I finally hit 40 exalted reputations. The achievement for exalted also made me /giggle:

Aviary Photo_130254522850742783

I also got some enchanting and tailoring recipes I was missing when I hit friendly, so it’s worth doing it if you’re a completionist like myself and want all the recipes for your professions.

At exalted, you can also buy an item which changes you into a furblog!! Jealous much?

Aviary Photo_130254522998183549Can you spot the imposter Mage?


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