Alt Appreciation – Rogue Week!

Here we are again!

Class WeekRogues, the loveable creatures with a hint of mystery.

I have a rogue. Here she is:

Aviary Photo_130242640316135693

I love her name, I wish I’d named my Monk that.

This rogue originally started off as a project with Mr B and 2 other friends, where we were levelling together. I created her months ago, but only started playing her when we were levelling as a group. However, after a few days (around level 60), I was having some real issues understanding the class. Why did I spend half my time standing waiting for my energy to regenerate? Which damn opener do I use from stealth? At this point, I wasn’t much of an asset to the team, spending most of my time trying to get behind the stupid mob to get out of stealth.

Let’s put it this way – I wasn’t a natural.

Half the problem, I think, was that we were levelling so quickly that I wasn’t really having time to learn the class (who said levelling served no purpose?!) and I was getting frustrated. So, I swapped to my Warlock which worked much better.

Anyway, back to the Rogue. I eventually had a think about what I wanted to do with her. In the end, I decided I really wanted to try twinking, so this is what she has become. I levelled her up the last few levels at a slower pace and I’ve started to enjoy playing her more. She’s currently a level 70 twink, outfitted in Sunwell PvE gear and she kicks ass in dungeons 😉

I’m not completely finished, but she has a lot of BiS gear now and I’m pretty pleased with it. Eventually I’d kind of like to try some PvP gear, but you all know how scared I am of those BG’s!

I’ve been playing rogue in every expansion since vanilla. I have one alliance at max level which is one of my mains, and a horde at level 85.


This rogue was my very first serious character back when I was a little newbie in 2005. It’s currently level 85 and very unloved with me not touching it since i dinged 85 back in Cata. I raided throughout vanilla on this but didn’t get that far into BWL. I had lots of fun PvPing and being part of an Assasin squad 😀 video below.

Aviary Photo_130212006366752253

This is rogue you know as my alter ego Mr WoW. I leveled it during Cata using the Scroll of Resurrection to level it to 80 when I returned after a break. I dabble in playing it once or twice a week doing some dungeons or the dreaded LFR to try and keep up with his gear.

I love being able to stealth and pop out the shadows to strike down my foe. My favourite spec is combat just because i like swinging my swords around, but I am thinking of trying to learn assassination if i get some daggers drop.

My biggest grievance is that in nearly 9 years the class plays nearly the same as it did when we started. It would be nice to see some more differences between the specs and maybe a return of the old evasion tanking fun.

That’s our Rogue alts done! See you next week.

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