Farmer Nishi

I’ve been pet battling a lot more now that I have some spare time and I was really tempted by levelling pets quicker by using the Grand Master Tamers – one of which is Ms Nishi.

Aviary Photo_130255350781824013

I tend to all my pet levelling around Halfill, as there’s a stable master with lots of pets close by. Nishi stands there and stares at me… challenging me with that sweet face of hers. Hmph. So anyway, after a bit of experimentation, I managed to get her down with minimum fuss using the following set of pets:

Aviary Photo_130255351063723655

All are rare and only the Idol was level 25. I’m power levelling the Minfernal, so this is the one I can’t count on. The Strider I hoped would manage even at level 23 – I wasn’t disappointed.


The pets Nishi uses are:

Siren – I started with the Minfernal. Used the Meteor Strike then swapped it out. Siren then casts sunlight, which was hurting all my pets, so I swapped in the Strider and used Cleansing Rain to get rid of it. I then used the other two abilities and the Sunlower died quickly.

Toothbreaker – again, I used the Strider to solo this pet using mostly Water Jet. By the end though, it wasn’t looking that healthy and I wanted to level it up, so I renewed Rain.

Brood of Mothallus – the Idol solo’d this easily with Demolish. No problemo!

As always, I’m not an expert, but as long as you use a pet which can soak the first attack by the Sunflower (I’m not sure a level 1 would, but I haven’t tried it!), then these other two pets would get her down easy peasy.

Good Luck!


2 thoughts on “Farmer Nishi

  1. (Disclaimer: I haven’t played since before 5.4, so I don’t know if any of the tamers have changed.)

    A P/P emperor crab can solo all three of Nishi’s pets, leaving you plenty of space for leveling lowbies. 🙂 I usually do that cricket fabled beast (sorry been unsubbed for a while, name escapes me) first with a hamburger treat, that’ll bring a level 1 up enough to take one hit from the sunflower.

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