Cenarion Expedition

Just a quick post about this faction as I got exalted recently!

At first I couldn’t understand why I didn’t get an achievement for getting exalted, before I realised that I needed to visit the quartermaster (in the village near to Hellfire Peninsula’s boarder) to buy the mount:

Aviary Photo_130214054541579138Which got me the achievement:

Aviary Photo_130214054352285015What I did

I was already at revered just from doing quests in Zangarmarsh and Hellfire, so off I went to Steamvaults (both normal and HC) to grind. I got about 2k rep per run and it took me 4 runs total.

If you haven’t done this yet, the dungeons are pretty easy to chain pull packs of mobs and it doesn’t take too long. Besides, the mount is totally worth it!


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