#IntPiPoMo – Introduction

Welcome to the newest blogging challenge, hosted by Jojo over at Admiring Azeroth. Her post (here) explains all the background for this latest challenge, which is now in its 3rd year! We are really glad to be able to take part this year, even if it is a mammoth one!

The challenge

  • 50 screenshots over the course of the month of November. We’re already a bit behind, so we need to get a wiggle on
  • No particular themes or deadlines, just photos uploaded to your blog or twitter

If you’d like to take part, head on over to her blog or twitter to let her know. There’s a list of all participants there.

We will be posting them on the theme of the Alphabet. We will put 3 or 4 letters in each post, 1 or 2 posts per week throughout November. We hope this will mean less spam for you and easier reading, but it will mean that Picture of the Week will not exist this month. There’s only so many screenshots one can take 😀

We start on Wednesday, see you then!


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