Here’s the strategy I used to beat this little guy, found in the Vale of Eternal Blossoms. He seems chilled, hanging out on his mat, being comfy.

Aviary Photo_130261494729329249

Pet Setup

I actually used the same setup I did for Skittering Xi’a, just in a different order:

Aviary Photo_130261494916113463


I reckon I could have solo’d this guy with a Moth if it had been level 25. It has all the things you need!

First off, I started with the Petrel and dotted it with Cyclone then nuked it using Wind. I passed when No-No used its Dam ability as it doesn’t cause me any damage. When he burrowed, I used Lift Off to avoid it. Rinse and repeat til my Petrel died and No-No was at about 50% health.

Then, using the Moth, I adopted the same strategy. Using Moth Balls and Wind with Cocoon Strike to avoid the Burrow. It didn’t hold out that long, but after my Moth died, I swapped in the Glowfly and with a couple of Wind hits, No-No went down.

Good luck!


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