The Delights of Dragon City

This isn’t entirely Warcraft related, but I’ve been spending so much time on it, I wanted to ramble on the blog for a spell.

Mr B is laughing at me as I write this. A lot.

Dragon City, in case you’re not aware, is a game available from iTunes (for free) that is similar to Farmville etc… you level up your dragons by feeding them, battle against other players and breed different types. Although it is F2P, there are ways to buy faster levelling – purchasing coins to spend on boosts and so on. I believe there are ways to get friends involved via Facebook, but I don’t have it, so I’m not worried about annoyingly spamming people on there for coins or whatever.

I usually hate these types of games that suck you in only for you to be unable to progress because you must purchase the coins, however, I am a patient person and so far, I’ve not given into temptation and I’ve levelled without boosting the waiting times. It makes for a very slow game, but it suits me as I can only ever play in the evening.

Anyway, Dragon City is all about breeding dragons of different types: water, fire, metal, electric etc. By breeding different combinations and feeding them to level them up, you can breed more. The different breeds can then battle and win prizes. To be honest, the battling isn’t really what draws me to it, but more the discovery of cute dragons… dandelion, ice cream, mojito… /sigh so many to discover!

The Mojito dragon: not very dragon-like , but totally cute, right?!

I know I’m being a total teenage girl here, but I’ve really got into this game! I don’t suppose there are any fellow enthusiasts out there…? Anyone…?


One thought on “The Delights of Dragon City

  1. I did! for awhile.. then eventually, I forgot about the game.. and later on, I deleted it.
    what I disliked above all is that it crashed soooo much! >_<
    what I really liked about the game was the wide variety of dragons! 🙂

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