#IntPiPoMo – Pictures 9-14 (E,F,G)

Here’s the 2nd installment of our #IntPiPoMo, hosted by JoJo (@AdmiringAzeroth).

E – Elegon and Elemental

Aviary Photo_130284852049621516We still don’t have that damn mount, he’s so pretty! My Elemental is close to my heart, always by my side faithfully fighting the bad guys.

F – Firelands and Flying

Aviary Photo_130284855655149370

Firelands was Mr B’s choice as he loves it! Flying, possibly the best thing about reaching level cap in MoP and no longer having to run everywhere on a ground mount! Shame about the 4k cost…

G – G’nathus and Gnome

Aviary Photo_130284862565657702If you haven’t already seen him, you should go and visit G’nathus, who hangs out in the water on the island behind Niuzao Temple. He has 100% chance to drop the pet above too, and if you kite him with a pet, soloable! Gnomes, I couldn’t do G without featuring my lovely little Gnomie, who is very dear to me!

See you Wednesday for the next installment of our travels around Azeroth!

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