The Sky Golem

After weeks of nagging, Mr B FINALLY remembered to make the last few days worth of the [insert technical word here] aka engineering stuff needed for the Sky Golem mount.

Aviary Photo_130287714405233391ERMAHGAWD it’s pretty. The animations are wonderful too – if you haven’t already seen one, it swings side to side as it flies and does rolls in the air. It also putters along, like an old engine would. That’s just whilst flying! On the ground it lumbers along looking like a beast. Truly awesome.

Aviary Photo_130287713225139223

The ooooonly thing that annoys me a tiny weeny bit (although I KNOW Blizz can’t help it!!!), is that my little Gnome’s hands don’t actually touch the controls. She’s obviously so OP she can do it with her mind! :p

Aviary Photo_130287713609294770I am a tiny bit miffed Mr B “doesn’t have enough gold” to buy the Living Steel (cost me 15k!!!) to finish it off, but I’ll just add it to his tab I suppose ๐Ÿ˜‰ It was worth it though!

Aviary Photo_130287714559340083


2 thoughts on “The Sky Golem

  1. Isn’t that mount just so much fun?! I finally finished mine a couple days ago and my hunter’s accomplished so much more herb farming lately because I’ve been having so much fun piloting it around.

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