A Blog Post About BlizzCon

So, it’s been a week and we thought we would put our thoughts on [virtual] paper about what occurred last weekend at BlizzCon. Even though it meant a really long, late weekend, the atmosphere on Twitter as we watched the live stream was fantastic. We wouldn’t hesitate buying it again!

I can’t guarantee it’ll be any different to the gabillions of others out there, but if you fancy our viewpoint, read on!


Our tweet on the live stream!


Well, this was all very exciting wasn’t it?!

Not playing back in Vanilla, I can’t harp on about the ‘good ole days’ or the ‘it used to be so much better’ blah’s I hear constantly. I started playing towards the end of Cata (I distinctly remember telling myself I’d never set foot in Dragon Soul again, stupid LFR!), and I loved every minute of MoP. I had more of an idea what was going on and could appreciate the huge amount of work put into it. I leveled a Monk, I loved the Pandas, I loved the reps and gear upgrades… Granted, lots of moaning about dailies, but I’m not really one to moan… I adopt the attitude of, if you don’t like it, quit or shut it!

The thought of this next Old Outland expansion sounds pretty cool. I don’t do lore, so I can’t comment, but the level cap was expected so… bring it on!

I think it looks amazing. Storyline sounds good, with its possibilities for future expansion progression.


Lots of QQ, sorry guys, get on with it. We all knew there wouldn’t be flying til 100, what difference is a few months going to make? I’ve yet to see anyone make a compelling argument for flying at level cap… farming? Can be done on the ground. PvP? Move to a PvE server. Spoils the game for you? Seems silly, there’s plenty of portals and flight points so you don’t need it. Seems like some are having a tantrum for no reason.

I’d love for Blizzard to take flying out of the game completely. With WoW being based around combat on the ground, having flying mounts is unnecessary anyway.


Can’t wait, bring it on! However, breeding pets I’m really not keen on. I already think battling is overly complicated (H/S or H/H blah blah, abilities etc etc) and breeding them will make it even more so for the casual battler like myself. I can see the draw to it though from those who fancy a new challenge. The Celestial Tournament provides enough of a challenge for me at the moment though!

Meh, seems interesting, but I never really got into the whole farming thing, so I can’t see myself being that into these either. Let’s see.

Inventory changes

About time! I’m looking forward to the clean up of a multitude of bags, items and vanity things.

Finally some decent quality of life changes that should have happened a long time ago.

New models!

I know people have been on about this for ages, so I’m glad they finally have their own way. I can’t say I’ve ever really noticed (until they showed the before/after pics), but they look really amazing. My Gnome will look so cute!

Wahooooooooooo! FINALLY. They look bloody fantastic and I can’t wait to see the ones that haven’t yet been released.

Raid changes

Neither of us are hardcore raiders, so we feel it a bit unfair to comment. We think it’s good to see a unified harder fight, but beyond that…

BUT THE GROUP FINDER, OH EM GEE, this’ll be great! Such a welcome move for those on lesser populated realms, I think it’ll be brilliant!

Item Changes

Oh yes! Finally, I’m so happy about this. Smaller numbers, less stats, no reforging, ability to solo old content still… where is the downside?! Of course, some will moan about not being able to crit for 700k, but *sticks tongue out* to you, who needs that??

Meh, I don’t care. As long as it does the same stuff :p

Instant 90

I can’t see a downside, beyond people abusing it – which I assume will be protected by various measures. It’s a great way to get people back in the game who perhaps took a break over MoP and were dreading the 1-100 grind. Bravo.

I rarely say this, but I agree with my wife!

We know very few people will agree with us. However, at the end of the day, Blizzard is one of a very few – if the only – one of the game developer companies that gives us the opportunity to view and comment upon the ideas for a new expansion.I don’t see Fifa, GTA or Pokémon doing this, do you?

It really grates us that people seem to take this for granted and abuse it. Yes, voice your opinion and definitely make the most of this amazing opportunity to feedback, but for god’s sake… DON’T moan, DON’T belittle other people’s opinions and there’s NO need to swear or name call on the forums. Honestly, there really isn’t!

We hope you’re as excited for the expansion as we are, but if not, at least there are plenty of other games to play!


2 thoughts on “A Blog Post About BlizzCon

  1. I’m not sure how they will do the instand level 90 thing, but I hope they make it so you don’t get all your skills at one and just stand there confused wondering what all those abilities are and how you should play.

    I’m very happy with the no fly until level 100 and the next patch. Gives me time to run around and explore everything from the ground like in the old days when I went looking for hidden areas 😛

    The only thing I’m sad about is that they’re not planning on updating moonkin form yet 😦

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