#IntPiPoMo – Pictures 21-26 (K,L,M)

Welcome back! We’re half way through!

K – Kalimdor and King Varian Wrynn

Aviary Photo_130295287690764992

Kalimdor is somewhere I haven’t really explored much, although I have got a lowbie Horde that I’m levelling slowly. King Wrynn? He’s just a dude.

L – Lightwell and Lich King

Aviary Photo_130295285454912758This is the closing cinematic of ICC when you defeat the Lich King, epic, isn’t it! My lovely little Priest with her Lightwell on the right.

M – Monkey (Gib) and Mantid

Aviary Photo_130295294917932861

Here’s my Monk hanging out in Klaxxi with the creepy Mantid. I had to cheat for Gib on the right, although I have him, I’m camping for a rare in Hyjal and didn’t want to revisit my stable to get him out. More on that another time!

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