/AFK…. oops!

We just wanted to do a quick post to apologise for being so absent this past week.


Firstly, I have been crit by RL and have been too busy to play during the week. By the weekend, I just can’t be bothered with the grind of the usual and seem to have lost my WoW mojo. Yeah ok, I’ll admit it… I’m a bit bored. It’s not of lack for something to do – I love Warcraft. I just can’t be bothered. I reckon I just need to find that one thing that makes me want to play again, and I’ll be back with gusto. Mid-expansion slump, shall we say? In the meantime, I’m a bit hooked on The Sims… a combination of easy playing and decorating houses has been really fun. No drama of Trade Chat, no horrid LFR – joy.

As for me, without Mrs B, I’ve been a bit lonely so I’ve been enjoying some Diablo. Started off as a relative newcomer, not having any idea what I’m doing. I’ve been playing through the storyline so far, and I’m currently Act 4 level 29. I’m not sure I’m enjoying it much – finding it hard to get to grips of moving around and the locked camera angle. I also get really frustrated at not being able to find the right dungeon entrance. I spent near an hour yesterday running around looking for another damn entrance.

Anyway, we haven’t abandoned you… we promise! Mr B’s birthday and our Wedding Anniversary all within 2 weeks over Christmas,  so it’s a busy time. We DO have something exciting planned for our Blogversary in January though… stay tuned!

P.S. I’m just creating a Gnome DK… will blog about it soon!



4 thoughts on “/AFK…. oops!

  1. I feel the same way about WoW right now, not much to do, can’t be bothered with all the daily/weekly quests, LFR and stuff, it’s not as fun anymore. I do play on my alt sometimes and might level my rogue. Oh, Sims 😀 I have to install it again! It’s fun to build and decorate houses, but I rarely play the charcters.. :/ Diablo 3 is fun also, hope you like it, maybe you need someone to play with, I’m leveling a demon hunter with my bf, he’s a warrior, we’re level 50.

    • Haha yes, The Sims feels really retro and I just decorate houses too ^^

      I can’t really get on with D3. I tried it and…meh. Mr B’s enjoying it though 😀 I hope you rediscover your WoW mojo soon!

  2. Since we just moved house we had no internet for almost two weeks, I’ve been totally binging on The Sims 3. I’d forgotten how much I loved The Sims and just how bloody addictive it is! You’ll be missed but sometimes a bit of a rest is just what you need to get your mojo back!

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