The Curse of the Bot

A couple of weeks ago I had a very interesting conversation with someone on Twitter about botting.

Let’s get this clear right from the outset. I HATE botting.



“botting”, as described by the Urban Dictionary as “automated gameplay”. In other words, getting a program to play your game for you. In WoW, this could be farming mats, running dungeons or questing. In D3, this could be working your way through the storylines or automated farming of items to sell and make gold.

The Rules

Botting is against the rules.

“You will not: use cheats, automation software (bots), mods, hacks, or any other unauthorized third-party software designed to modify or automate any Auction House process” (D3)

These rules are put in place to protect us, as players, and to protect the game that we play. There are no exceptions to these rules. There are no excuses as to why it’s ok to break these rules.

The Auction House and the Economy

“In diablo 3 it doesn’t really matter as the auction house is being diabled [sic] anyway.”


This is possibly the biggest problem D3 has had caused by botting. It inflates the market unrealistically as the bot can farm 24hrs a day, putting more of the item on the AH, driving prices down and crashing the market. People who do farm the items legally then loose profit margins and the AH becomes inflated.

I have more experience with WoW, so I’ll talk about that. We’ve all seen the idiot who puts on 1,000 Windwool Cloth in stacks of one undercutting the previous lowest price by a couple of gold. For the next couple of days, the price of Windwool cloth is unstable as the market recovers. Either someone has to buy out that entire stock of cloth and re-list it at a more stable price, OR the market has to wait until individuals have bought out the stock and the usual sellers go back to their usual listings.

Either way, it causes trouble.

Game Time

“So it [sic] not okay for a busy family man like my dad to bot in diablo because he hasn’t got that much time on his hands to play?”

No, it’s not OK. We ALL have time restraints, be it work, kids, family, travel.

As @Zuulzilla said, “This is the excuse [a family member] used until someone reported him, and I’m glad they did. It ruins the game, period.”

If we all adopted this attitude, the game as we know it wouldn’t exist… it would be purely bots who go online only once they reach max level to /nod and pat themselves on their back at a job well done. Where’s the fun in that?

Why would you want to bot questing? The whole point of an MMO is to experience the levelling process and a huge part of the gameplay is questing and farming. If you don’t enjoy this process, and its longevity, perhaps this isn’t the game for you.


“In diablo you don’t affect anybody’s game unless they group up with you.”

Doesn’t it? I disagree. Seeing a bot running around the area you’re questing in, killing your mobs and farming your items is extremely annoying. Not only that, but it makes you adopt the attitude of “why bother?”. Joining an instance and having a hunter chain pulling the mobs, or a healer going off another way around a dungeon, just to die, res and repeat, or someone ninjaing gear, or a tank refusing to tank… you think this doesn’t affect the rest of the community when they go back out into the world? How is this conducive to a fun, progressive gaming environment? The SAME fun, progressive gaming environment that we signed up for?

Being a Community

I really value the gaming community. I’m an eternal optimist and I’d like to think that we uphold the rules to make gaming a safe, fun environment for everyone. There will always be a few who discredit us, but by being vigilant, we can combat the bots.

Who’s with me?!


9 thoughts on “The Curse of the Bot

  1. Absolutely hate, loathe and despise people who bot. There is no excuse for it or for purchasing gold. A large portion of said loathing is reserved for those who “bot” in PvP because ruining competitive game play for others is pretty low, however any form of botting should be punished far harder than Blizzard do at the moment.

  2. I’m completely with Erinys and yourself. I despise botting and anything tied to it. I play the auction house as much as the next person but not once have I used a bot for it and never would I even consider it. Blizzard needs to crack down on them. I remember ArenaNet hitting botters and gold sellers hard when Guild Wars 2 launched and to the best of my knowledge they still do. It’s an area Blizz really needs to follow suit.

      • After nine years, my hope has faded. I just don’t see them active enough on the issue. Heck, you can’t even report offensive names anymore unless you come across them in-game (unless something changed again).

  3. Bots are a big pain in the behind and they have been active in WoW since day one. They have always been a problem, but these days I feel they are an even bigger problem as there’s more of them than before. It’s not just “gold farmers”, it’s every day ppl doing every day things, but they can’t be bothered to do it themselves. Personally I don’t really see the point in botting an instance, if you’re gonna bot your way through the game why pay for your sub? If I didn’t want to play I’d just go do something else. But maybe that’s just me.

    I also have to agree with Erinys, I find that bots are at their worst in battle grounds in WoW atm. It’s a growing problem where sometimes half a team, or even more, will be made up of bots. There’s even strategies now on how to play to counter the bots to some extent, but they really do mess up the experience of a BG.

    As for bots in D3, I never thought they had any big problems due to bots there; mainly due to the fact that you can only affect the game play of ppl you are grouped up with. You have to be in a group to even be on the same map/zone. And I thought the AH being removed had much more to do with the fact that farming for loot is one of the main goals of the game on top levels, so with the AH in the game (with or without bots) the game doesn’t last as long as previous titles in the series. With that being said, there will probably be less bots in D3 after the AH goes.

    • I don’t even see how it’s fun – the whole point is to play the game, no?

      Not being a BG player, I can’t really comment but it must be really irritating. Messes up the whole point of the game. Gah, come on Blizz, let’s crack down!

  4. I agree with you and everything you’ve written.
    I absolutely hate botting and I will always report any bot I see, it doens’t matter who it is.
    If it’s someone I know then I might give them a warning first, but if they don’t quit, then I’ll report them.

    I hate it because it’s against the rules, it’s against the rules and it ruins the game for others.
    I’ve heard of people who have botted to level fishing, farm for something which is expensive or hard to get like the Skyshards for the Alani mount, things to sell to earn money and so on.
    I’ve even seen low levels using some kind of hack to fly around on their ground mount in Pandaria and some even went underground to pick nodes and herbs from there without having to worry about mobs because they were too low level. Some people even bot through battlegrounds and looking for raids.

    I knew some people who used to bot and I reported some of them and the others got reported by someone else. One of them just got some kind of warning and was unable to play for a day or so, but some of the others lost their account. I asked one of them why they botted and it they thought it was worth it when they could lose their account, and they just said that
    they didn’t care because they could just create a new account and level up again with a bot…

    Oh, by the way, when we’re talking about illegal things: I also hate that people buy or sell gold!
    I know of some of those as well. But what can you do there? They don’t talk so much about it in game so others can see and you can’t report people for saying that they would like to buy gold, can you? I remember they made a post on our guild forum back in the days asking if anyone was interested in buying gold, and they got many replies. I asked the GM to tell them it was illegal and to remove the post, but he didn’t care.

    There is never an excuse to use a bot or buy gold!

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