Here’s my strategy for this slippery character, located in Kun-Lai Summit:

Aviary Photo_130261520240580575

Pet Setup

This isn’t much use to anyone really, as I didn’t try to kill it using the pets… but here goes:

Aviary Photo_130261520369333447


My strategy here, as with a couple of the other elites, was to survive long enough for Apocalypse to kill it off. I tried Nether Faerie Dragon and Life Exchange, but it didn’t work as well.

So, I used the Roach to cast Apocalypse then used the Whelpling and Lift Off to avoid Whirlpool wherever possible and heal up the other attacks. When dead, I swapped in the Skimmer for Soothe and Cleansing Rain. By the time they were both dead, Apocalypse had one round left and killed him good and proper.

Good luck!

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