#IntPiPoMo – Pictures 33-38 (Q,R,S)

Here’s some more IntPiPoMo for you good people!

Q – Queue and Quest

Aviary Photo_130318635401902475We all know that queue well enough, and the queue times associated with it! We are also all too familiar with the quest sign… where would we be without that little yellow exclamation mark?

R – Rogue and Rageclaw Pups

Aviary Photo_130318634765012730This is one of my favourite screenshots ever of my Rogue outside Sunwell enjoying the sunset. The Rageclaw pups looked so cute sleeping as we quested that we just had to take a picture. You can see Mr B there in the middle, soaking up the fluffiness!

S – Sylvanaar and Stormwind

Aviary Photo_130318635540252534

Sylvanaar was a lucky find – it was so beautiful as we were questing, I took this screenie of the well with no intention of using it for the blog. However, I couldn’t miss it out. Similarly with Stormwind, a must-have for any picture collection!  FOR THE ALLIANCE! 😉

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