Happy New Year!

Welcome to 2014, we hope your celebrations (or lack of) were enjoyable!

happy-new-year-bannerWe have, as usual, had a really busy festive season – Christmas and then our first wedding anniversary on the 27th December – so we hope you guys can forgive us for the intermittent posting!

We always remember our loved ones who can’t be with us at this time of year, we have both lost people dear to us and this time of year can be especially difficult. We hear that lovely Ghemit (from twitter) lost his husband, Elloric on this day last year.

Aviary Photo_130330871145808862From across the sea, we wanted to show our support. We went to spend some time with Elloric today, and you are in our thoughts. 

Anyway, here is a quick post to outline our hopes for the blog this year.

  1. Our blogversary! Upcoming in January, we have an exciting event planned starting in a couple of weeks time. There will be prizes! Check back soon.
  2. Enjoy blogging challenges. Please do send them our way!
  3. Explore other games.We started this last year, but we really want to continue blogging about our gaming adventures elsewhere. Don’t worry, WoW will always be our main focus.
  4. Look forward to Warlords of Draenor! We are super excited about this and can’t wait to blog about our adventures in the new expansion.
  5. Continue to interact with the community. We love you guys and speaking to you all on twitter. We really hope we can keep up with your news and blogs over the next year.

So, in the spirit of New Year, our love and blessings are with you all. Let’s make it as good as it can be! /cheers


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