Sporeggar rep…. oh how I loathe thee.

Aviary Photo_130215980096259242

To be honest, the title and avatar of the achievement sold it to me! I actually did this grind a while ago, but thought I’d tell you all about it, as the pet is really cute.


I was already revered with this faction, so I just ran The Underbog 4 times, handing in the Sanguine Hibiscus 15 or 20 at a time after each run. As a level 90, I just chain pulled everything in each part of the instance. Easy peasy.

It’s also worth noting that questing in Zangarmarsh (among others) gives rep as well. The HC instance gave marginally more than the normal too, so it’s worth doing that every day you grind.


I went back to the quartermaster in the village and decided I really wanted the pet: Tiny Sporebat.

Aviary Photo_130333006004633030Cute, huh! You can also see me rocking the tabard, there.

This little guy is bought by being exalted and collecting the glowcap mushrooms (30, to be precise)

Aviary Photo_130333005503491052

…and handing them into Mycah in Zangarmarsh. You also need 10 for the tabard, which I also collect (since I did the hard work!). It didn’t take that long to be honest, I did a circular route around the zone, cut down the middle, then went round again. I got 40 in about half an hour. Totally worth grinding the rep for, well… if you’re a collector like me anyway!

Any easy grind, compared to some. Go, have fun in the shrooms!


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