Blogversary Competition!

January the 14th, it’s time to celebrate!
What a year, hasn’t it been great?
It was this time last year that we started the blog,
Of adventures, achievements and many a ‘mog.
Mr and Mrs WoW are so happy to say,
They’ve found so many amazing people every day…
Who have encouraged and supported with all that they do,
So here’s a little competition, from us to you!
It’s around Azeroth that we propose a small game to play,
Where you find the places that we adore each day.
From mountains to cities, it is there you must find,
The precise place that we have in our mind.
Once there, dear Adventurer, it’s clear what you must do…
Take a screenshot to prove that you understood the clue.
Submit it to us, after completing this quest,
And there will be a small prize, for the person who was the best.
One final hint, before we start,
Is that these places are very close to our hearts.
They’re special destinations for which we care,
So travel there… if you dare!
Aviary Photo_130338501338498360
Did you get it?

Check back each day (up until Friday) for a clue, figure it out, go to the place and take a screenshot! Creative entries always welcome.


We have a Lumpy who needs a loving home….


  1. Closing date is SATURDAY 18TH JAN at midnight GMT.
  2. Prize only for EU (sorry for those who are missing out!), although anyone worldwide is welcome to play
  3. Entries submitted via Twitter. If this is a major problem, please contact us for an email address.
  4. You’re not allowed to laugh at our attempt at poetry….!

A bit of lighthearted fun, we hope lots of you will take part if you’re able! See you tomorrow for the first clue 😀



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