Blogversary Competition – FINAL CLUE!

Hi guys!

Today is the final clue for the competition. You have until tomorrow (Sat 18th) at MIDNIGHT GMT to get all the clues to us for judging. You’re welcome to do this via DM or mention on Twitter.

Remember, the more creative the better!

Welcome back to the very last clue,

It’s the last one, but don’t be blue!

For this you must go on an adventure,

It is into a raid that you must venture.


You all know that we like to take,

Our clothes off, around our mates.

Yes, it sounds naughty, but it’s lots of fun!

Getting naked and going on the run.


You must travel to the place which is full of fire,

Where we fought in just our underwear…

Alongside a group of very special tweeps,

With whose company we love to keep.


So are you brave enough to journey there?

To take a pic with artistic flair?

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