Blogversary Competition – The Results!

Hi everyone!

Thank you to everyone who entered the blog competition. We had a really hard job of deciding the winner, as you all produced some really lovely entries.

Here are the right answers, featuring yours truly 😉

Clue 1 – just outside Amberpine Lodge, Grizzly Hills


Clue 2 – (39,53) Jade Forest, Pandaria


Clue 3 – Lights Hope Chapel


Clue 4 – Molton Core


Did you get them all correct??

Honourable mentions

We had some really lovely entries and I want to show you them all, but as we don’t have the room on this post, we thought these ones deserved a special mention:

Rinike (clue 1), it’s truly beautiful, well done!


Synyster Aya (clue 2). Even though it’s the wrong place, it’s really lovely.

clue 2


We judged the pictures entered like so:

  • Were they in the right places? (a few people got confused on clue two between Sholozar Basin and Serpents Heart in Pandaria. The Basin pics were all amazing though, we kinda wish we had thought of there! :p)
  • Creativity

The winner got the location of every picture right and we especially liked the effort she made to dress up in her wedding outfit (and Birthday outfit in Molton Core!!!) in the following picture:

clue 3Congratulations to Jojo over at @AdmiringAzeroth!


We have Lumpy to give to Jojo as our winner! Poke us when you’re next online Jo, and we’ll pass him over.

We also had some other (little) prizes lined up, and we have enough for everyone who entered. So, you’ll be hearing from us this week to organise a drop off! Those who entered are welcome to blog their entries – we didn’t have room to feature them all today sadly.

Thanks everyone, for making it a really great first year of blogging!

7 thoughts on “Blogversary Competition – The Results!

  1. Grats Jojo, well done with outfit and everything 😛
    And thanks for the awesome competition, hope to see more!


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  3. Grats Jojo! 😀 Sorry I missed this, really wanted to join in, maybe you’ll arrange something like this again in the future? 😀 Don’t have to be a prize. I’ve just been so busy in Norway with my family and friends, but I’m back in Sweden now 😀

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