Take A Pew…

I thought it’d be nice to catch up after last week’s competition with what we’ve been upto recently.

Wasting Time

Pretty much this. Log on, do dailies (fishing, cooking, pet levelling) then log off. Log onto an alt, do 5 levels, log off. Log on, do a mog run, log off. Log on, roll another alt, log off.

Aviary Photo_130349489067082825

Yet another alt… level 10 Belf mage.

I think it’s at that point in the expansion that everyone’s looking to the new expansion, yet there’s still enough time left in the current one that you feel you should be working toward something. Catch 22.

I have been rolling alts left right and centre. It’s been fun playing Horde again after almost a whole year focusing on Alliance. I’m currently levelling a Monk (amongst others), but it’s pretty cool. I have also rolled two Horde alts, and have enjoyed exploring cities and quests that I have NEVER done before. I’m enjoying taking the levelling process in my own time and experiencing the story from another angle.


You all know I love achievements. Recently I got rep numbers 49, 50, 51 and 52, I got rank 8 Brawlers for the first time on Lou and some other raid achievements from a flexi run. It’s kind of consumed me a little, running as many WoTLK HCs as possible without going mad…

I don’t do achievements. Literally.


We usually have a side project that we do together, as it’s nice to spend some time playing as a duo/ At the moment, we are levelling a Druid and DK together. They actually hit  90 last night which was awesome. We also start thinking about mogging when we hit 85, and we have been running MC and various HCs for that elusive bit of gear. Breaks up the process somewhat.


Also worth mentioning for those of you that haven’t tried it… Timeless Isle levelling. We tried it and we’re a bit undecided. We had quite a lot of survivability and we went at level 87. We did about 35% in an hour, pulling the swarmer mobs and the baby crane chicks. They still beasted us quite a bit and didn’t drop much gear at all. Actually, we might put a separate post together later in more detail. Definitely a fun way to spend an hour though!!

RL Stuff

It’s been a busy month RL-wise. I suppose we’re trying to keep busy and banish those January blues. We really should get onto RIFT, we haven’t visited for nearly a month!!

Anyway, that’s us all caught up, we’ll see you soon!


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