The Whispering Forest

So I found out about this event a long time ago, but it was only due to the recent post by @VaylenEU that I realised I still hadn’t bothered to go and see it. Apologies for the bad screenies, I forgot to turn my graphics up :p

So, off I went to Tirisfal Glades (co-ords 17 67), west of Deathknell, to wait for this magical event which happens randomly around the ring of mushrooms found there. As you explore around, you find all the different wildlife you can’t find anywhere other than here, plus, the above the circle is an eerie blanket of fog…  I left myself there and checked back periodically. Luckily, I only had to wait a couple of hours before I saw this:WoWScrnShot_012614_163215I knew from reading about it that once I saw a “Fey-Drunk Darter” (can you spot him in the background?), that the event was happening. 7 needed to spawn before the actual event started, so I waited…

WoWScrnShot_012614_171134(5 dragons!)

And took a nap…


And after waving at about a million Horde druids that kept appearing in the circle…

WoWScrnShot_012614_1722556 dragons and me on my Fey… with my graphics card turned up 😉

And then… it happened!



All the woodland creatures also came to watch, but after about 30seconds, they all turned around and the event ended.

Certainly an interesting thing to go and see. Start to finish, I was there about 2 hours… so take snacks!

4 thoughts on “The Whispering Forest

  1. That is an awesome event, looks like I need to go revisit it again – I don’t think I’ve gone in a year, maybe two at this point. 😀 Thank you for sharing your screenies.

  2. Somewhere amidst the posts of the past I took the time to seek this out as well. I think I first heard about it from Syrco, who has a tendency to share unique locations such as this one. It really is something a player should experience at some point.

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