Clickers, Binders or… Binkers?

We met a mage doing rank 8 of Brawlers guild the other day who was having trouble with Hexos as she was a clicker and was having to use keybindings for the first time. It made us really curious about the rest of the world. As far as we understand it, these little beauties are a bit controversial. To bind, or to click, that is the question here.


These are considered the elite of the two. Refined and calm, binders meticulously create macros and optimally place their abilities on many different keys, ergonomically utilising space available.


The underdog. Uses a mouse to choose their abilities. Regularly mocked and teased, these people are definitely brave to state their clicker status.

As for us? Well…

You all know I originally started in Vanilla, gave up the game as I couldn’t complete a quest, then did some reading and came back. Unfortunately, at this time, I was a clicker. I didn’t know or understand key bindings. My epiphany came when watching a PvP video and I decided to give it a go, and haven’t looked back since.

Each bind is different for each character as I put the abilities I use most often nearest to me (QEFR) with less useful slightly further away (12345) and then cooldowns on ALT+1-6 on my mouse. On my old gaming keyboard, I also used E123 for mounts, but with my new mouse, I now use ALT+11/12 for those.

I must admit to not using many macros. Being a serial altoholic means I don’t spend too much time on each character to warrant it, although if I raided regularly, it would probably be something I looked into closely. I rarel, if ever, click. Binder fo’sho!

We would put a pic here, but at time of writing it’s maintenance (on a Thursday, whut?) so you don’t get one. Instead you can have this picture:


I couldn’t be more different. Mr B taught me how to use key bindings right from the start (I couldn’t have the embarrassment of her being a clicker, could I?!!) but I don’t actually use that many. Interestingly, on every alt, my keybindings are in the same place.

For example: for my main abilities, I use QEF with R for a speed boost (on most alts)/death grip (because I’m lazy)/frostbomb (only on main for a nukey AoE CD) or healing shield (on all healers). I have G on my druid for cat form. I use the ` key, next to 1 for bear form on mine. I use 123 for dots and shields/blocks, with 4 and 5 for abilities I don’t need but think I should use (spellsteal/counterspell on my main for example). Although… I generally click these as my fingers aren’t comfortable stretching that far. Wherever possible (on alts usually), I try to keep a space between each set. Bloody weird, if you ask me.

Aviary Photo_130333000597380212My druid key bindings

The rest? I click.

ALL my cooldowns I put on a top bar, right at the end together. Next, towards the middle, generally, are defensive CDs, extra speed boosts, CC abilities etc. Over to the far right, self buffs, pets and things I don’t need that often (I put Timewarp here as I was clicking it accidentally a lot!). On a side bar, to the right, I put profession stuff, res buttons, fishing, portals etc etc it’s a dumping ground for stuff I need when in the world, but don’t want on my main bars.

Aviary Photo_130332997139901094My main’s key bindings are slightly different.

Mounts are on 0 but I have a shortcut on my side mouse button now I have a proper gaming mouse. I’ve also recently acquired a gaming keyboard from Mr B, which has E buttons under the spacebar that I want to use. Not sure what for yet…

Macros? I use a couple on my main – mainly for frostbolt not casting unless I’m targeting a hostile mob and a random mount macro. That’s it though!

I think this makes me a definite Binker… a mixture of clicking and binding!

We are really interested in your own setup – so, are YOU a binder, a clicker or a binker?


21 thoughts on “Clickers, Binders or… Binkers?

  1. I’m somewhat of a binker. My rotation and short cooldowns (I call it the meta-rotation) are all on key binds, but I click for things I do only once every 5 minutes or more, like Heroism on my Shammy, food, raid buffs, most pet abilities, potions, ect. I also use macros extensively, though most are simple ones, e.g. my Crusader Strike macro has #showtooltip /use crusader strike /startattack (gets the melee swing started right away) and /cancelaura hand of protection (prevents trolling/allows me to game it).

    It’s a bit dated, but my old Hunter Keybinds article shows how I tend to set up my abilities. I’ve played 8 classes at 90 now, and one at 85 and going, so having some commonality between classes is critical for me.

  2. Hehe my lvl 15 mage has more keybinds than you Lou 😛

    I think I used the mouse at first as Rob (also in vanilla), but my friends quickly taught me how to bind the keys and since I’ve always been a computer guy I guess I liked the keyboard way better. It just felt much smoother.

    I use key bindings for all my spells, but I don’t have a proper gaming mouse so I use:
    Q E T F G Z X V
    SHIFT + 1-7 (cant stretch my finger any further without losing control :p)
    SHIFT + G, CTRL + F, SHIFT + T
    CTRL + 1-7
    and 1-9 (8 and 9 are non-important stuff and hard to reach so I may use the mouse here on very rare occasions! haha)
    Which makes a total of 34 different abilites, but of course i don’t use all regularly :p

    On my rogue I only have one macro, which is for casting Adrenaline Rush and Shadow Blades.
    On my warrior I have a macro called InsaneDPS and it pops 5 different 3-min cooldowns. It multiplies my dmg by 3 for a short period 😛

    • How can you reach SHIFT+T?!! Man hands! :p

      I admire people who can remember and hit with accuracy all of these different buttons – I tend to miss R and 3 an awful lot and I don’t have that many 😀 haha that macro name “InsaneDPS”, love it!

      • Hehe Shift+T is one of the easier, CTRL+7 is the hardest cause I really need to stretch the hand :p

        Hehe it was a bit tough when I first started again in MoP, so much had changed since last I played with all the new abilities etc… but after a time it just gets normal/memorized I guess. Now it’s all automatic :p
        Hellodearjoey says it very good, I don’t think, just react and automatically know what to press 😛

        Hehe but I know for a fact you really do insane DPS so you’ve proven clicking isn’t necessarily a bad thing 😛

  3. I’ve always had everything bound. I played a lot of FPS games before and I couldn’t get used to clicking, it didn’t feel natural. I started PvP really early and having everything bound is essential to me. When I use my abilities, it’s subconscious. I don’t think “I need to cast fear now”, I just react. I feel like it’s helped me a lot in PvE as well, being able to play my character so reactively without looking where I’m clicking, I can focus on boss mechanics in a different way.

    I’m not saying that because I have binds, I’m better than clickers, but having binds and be used to them will be faster and more efficient in, as far as i can tell, every situation.

    I don’t really like how people get mocked because they click though, binds isn’t comfortable for everyone and I think it’s really unfair to ridicule people for it.

    • I agree, it’s not fair how people get mocked for however they choose to play their own game. I do agree that it’s probably more efficient to bind most of the main abilities, as was the case with the Mage on Hexos. Thanks for sharing!

  4. I have to admit, I’m a clicker /shame. Don’t get me wrong, I have actually tried key binds, many MANY times and I just can’t get away with it 😦 My boyfriend spent hours each time sorting my UI and asking me which buttons to bind where and I just got really frustrated in the end. I don’t pvp mind, so if I was more involved with that side of the game, things could have been different.

  5. I’m a binker. I use the default UI with all of the supplemental action bars enabled; I have so very many many alts that I don’t want to bother with configuring custom UI addons for each of them. I have my main spells in the numerical bar, where I key them. I have the action bar on the bottom left side (directly above the numerical bar) bound to various letter keys, and I put my most necessary CDs up there. I have the action bar on the bottom right side (above the blizzard menu stuff in the default ui) bound to various alt- or ctrl- letter combinations — but I tend to click those abilities as much or more than I use the keybinds. Mounts are at the very top of the vertical right side action bars, with my primary professions immediately underneath them. I fill up the rest of the right side bars with different things depending on the character. I always put my cleanse in there somewhere so I can keep an eye on its CD, though I have it Clique-bound for actual use. I use Grid+Clique for my healers and have all their major spells Clique-bound to various combinations of mouse with shift, ctrl, alt. Whether I’m doing healing, DPS, or tanking, I try to keep abilities that do similar things bound to the same places on my action bars or Clique — all my healers have their rez in the same place, all my interrupts are in the same place, etc.

    That pic of LK-Bolvar with the slinky is hilarious!

    • Thank you!

      It seems like you’re quite similar to me (Mrs), in the way you use your abilities. Although, I haven’t been brace enough to use shift or alt yet 😀

  6. I would say I’m a binder. I got my Razer Nostromo with everything keybinded so it’s very easy to reach all the keys. But when I first started to play WoW I didn’t know you could choose your own keybinds and I didn’t have a Nostromo then. So I clicked the abilities I couldn’t reach, But after playing a while, still leveling my first character, I learned about keybindings, addons, UI settings etc.
    But now with my Nostromo I often find myself wanting more buttons to bind things to, maybe I should get the new Razer Orbweaver which has an extra row of buttons, but I’m afraid my hand is too small 😛 I even got the Razer Naga and have binded mounts and macros there.

  7. I’m a binker, I don’t bother binding stuff that I almost never use. I don’t run into many demons to take command over most days. And I don’t think my Druid has ever soothed a beast either. If I ever need too I won’t be able to find it, lol.

  8. Made a long post earlier today when I was at work, on my phone. Then my phone decided that I should probably wait til I got home… and that I probably should rewrite the whole thing too. Yay phone…

    I used to play a lot of FPS games before I played WoW so using keybinds comes naturally to me. I also started PvP really early, and keybinds have helped me a lot when I’m in PvP situations. I feel like it has been great for me in PvE too, since I get a more reactive playstyle. I just use abilities without having to think about them. I think this allows me to pay more attention to boss mechanics and other things around me. As far as I can tell, there isn’t any situation where clicking abilities would be faster than using keybinds (if you’re used to the keybinds that is).

    I think it’s really stupid to mock people who do click though, and it’s really gotten out of control. Some people prefer clicking and feel uncomfortable with keybindings. I know a lot of people who would never dream of removing binds like Q E and R for example, they want those keys to do the default thing.

    As long as you play the game the way you want, and you enjoy it, I don’t see why others should really have any input on your personal playstyle.

    These are my keybinds. The macros I use are mostly for PvP, like cast abilities on focus targets, or /stopcasting macros (for example /stopcasting with my demonic circle will allow me to instantly teleport away from danger even if I’m already casting a spell).

    And the two icons in the middle is an addon called TellMeWhen, and it helps me keep better track of the cooldown of my Howl of Terror and my Mortal Coil/Shadowfury.

    Sorry for the ramble :p

  9. I’m a binker, but I have a whole lot of key bindings I use. (Sicarios won’t allow me not to, lol)
    On my disc priest as a healer in raid I ALWAYS use 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and shift+3, shift+4, shift+E, shift+H, and V, Q, E, T, and G. The others have a long cooldown so I usually use my mouse to click on them when I need it.
    And when I’m at Timeless etc dpsing and stuff I also use F, X shift+D and shift+W 🙂
    I don’t have a proper gaming mouse, but I don’t find it hard to use my keyboard luckily 🙂
    I also have two different actionbars, one for healing only and one with some dmg spells.

    Sometimes I forget and mix the abilities when I change from Priest to Druid and around. But, it doesn’t take me long before I remember 🙂

  10. Binds all the way as I played a lot of fps games with my now husband and his mates before WoW. I do try and mirror spells across alts, so that say my dispels are all the same key and heals which roughly relate across the classes are too. I mouse over vud’ho and use key binds and to heal myself it’s the same binds + alt for simplicity. I also have mouse over macros for stuff like mindcontrol (when I have it) and my holy stun.

    I think people should play whichever way they are comfortable and certainly there are quite a few high rated caster clickers but I think melee is a lot harder to pvp with well whilst clicking. I actually got accused of cheating in a duel by a warrior in vanilla because he turned so slowly and couldn’t hit me but when I pointed out that this had nothing to do with “latency hax” and everything to do with the fact that you can’t click rend whilst turning (I put it far more politely than that), I ended up with a four day forum ban which still rankles to this day.

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