Drinking, Brawling, Ragequitting.

We have both been doing a lot of Brawling lately, which is very rewarding but absolutely infuriating at the same time.

I’ve been stuck on the last boss of rank 9 (Ahoo’ru) for a couple of weeks, so I’m having a break as I’m getting too frustrated with him…

I’ve been stuck on Hexos forever so I’ve given up and decided to get to rank 8 on a couple of alts. Doing it on an undergeared character has been really good actually, a bit of a challenge instead of just cheesing the fights. Anyway, I noticed Mrs B was collecting loads of the challenge cards as she does an awful lot of grinding (Timeless Isle, Isle of Giants, raids, Pandaland mobs, fishing, etc etc) and she is earning LOADS of gold from them…

Rank 9, 900g… rank 6, 600g etc. Adds up!

Anyway, I decided this was a good way to grind some quick cash so I googled where to find all the quests and wanted to share my favourite with you.

This is Grandpa Grumplefloot who is found at the Grummle Bazaar in Kun’lai Summit.

Aviary Photo_130370238297828023

Just /dance with him and you will earn yourself one of these:

Aviary Photo_130370238473755798

Which is your challenge quest for the Brawlers Guild.

It’s a really fun way to earn a quest reward and I encourage everyone to go and pay him a visit!

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