Paying It Forward

I’m a big believer in karma.

Both IRL and in-game, I try really hard to be a polite voice of reason even if others are raging a storm. Don’t get me wrong, I’m human and it doesn’t always happen. However, you’ll often see me giving lifts across the Ordos bridge or flying someone on my Sandstone Drake to Halfhill for the gear vendor.

I do this non-profit and don’t accept a tip.

I was on the Timeless Isle the other day and this conversation happened in Trade:

Person 1: “Can someone please tell me how to get to Ordos?”

Person 2: “You need a cloak”

Person 1: “What cloak?”

Person 3: “Take a bird”

Person 4: “Use a glider”

Answer me this: HOW IS THIS HELPFUL TO THAT PERSON?! If they took 10seconds to have a look at his gear, you’ll see 450 blues and a fresh dinged level 90 who obviously isn’t au fait with stuff. So, I /w him and offered to fly him across the bridge, assuming he wanted the Burden of Eternity chest. He was really grateful and I left him gleefully corpse hopping over the courtyard towards his new loots.

The reason I do this? Because when I was a COMPLETE noob, someone did the same for me and I was so grateful for the help, I wished I could have given them something in return. Being new to the game, I had about 50g to my name and all they said was: “pay it forward”.


The end to my little anecdote is thus.

I was afk in Shrine, as normal, last weekend and a level 10 was spamming Trade looking for a portal from IF to Shrine. He started off with “will tip 10g!” to “will tip 30g!” to “will tip 50g!” before I finally realised that I could portal him and sent a /w. He was so utterly grateful that he could set his Hearthstone at the Shrine that I felt bad about not helping him sooner. As usual, I refused to accept his tip and after another grateful “thank you so much!” whisper from him, we went our separate ways.

Today, I received this, along with 200g.

Aviary Photo_130361852504024454

I don’t do it for the ‘feel-good’, but this certainly did brighten up a dreary day. Even better? The person in question later joined the guild and has become a great pal. Fantabulous!

12 thoughts on “Paying It Forward

  1. I really wish more people thought like this. It’s always such a great feeling helping other people out, then when they try to give me something in return I just reply with “pay it forward” as well. We all started as noobs and how quickly we forget that fact. Kudos to you!

  2. I do things like this as well. It’s usually with my glyphs. I can’t understand why the prices are so much, so whenever I see someone asking for them in trade then I’ll just make it and whisper them. It’s nice to be nice sometimes. Yay for nice people! 🙂

  3. That’s great 🙂 People like you make me happy 😛 I usually help people if they ask. But when it comes to Timeless Isle, I’m not always that kind because I’m so sick of those using that item and run around killing their own faction. It happens every time I’m there and I can’t do anything. But yesterday the problem was a player pulling mobs to Ordos so we wiped over and over again, he wasn’t in the raid and he wouldn’t stop, he did it to kill us and wrote rude stuff to all of us when telling him to stop. So I paid a guy 1000g to use that item thingy and kill him…

  4. Reblogged this on WoW- Journal von Nomadenseele and commented:
    Großartig, dass es immer noch Spieler gibt, die nicht vor der Ignoranz der anderen kapituliert haben. Bei mir war es irgendwann im Lichking der Fall, dass mir jede Lust, anderen zu helfen gründlich vergangen ist. Auch wenn Aman`Thul über dem Serverdurchschnitt liegt, was die Freundlichkeit betrifft, zumindest wird es auf Frostwolf ganz anders abgehen, war ich es irgendwann müde, irgendwelche Jäger-Pets zu heilen, welche kurz vorm verrecken standen, ohne ein kurzes Danke zu erhalten. In 99% der Fälle überings. Dafür wurde ich geflamt, wenn ich es einmal nicht bemerkte und das tier starb. Das einzige Mal, das sich jemand bedankt hat war, üben bei den Hozen ein anderer Shadow, der attakiert worden war und ohne Mana da stand. Der hatte abe rauch ein paar Tage vorher Elfie geholfen.
    Ansonsten nichts.

  5. I always refuse a tip on things that are free for me to do. (opening lockboxes, portals, etc.) I find I get rewards back tenfold.

    I even had some guy send me a pet after I announced I’d put up a blingtron in Halfhill (I’m such a goody-two-shoes, I even say “good luck!”) and he’d gotten the bling pet.

    It pays to be nice. 🙂

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