Tanking Mrs B Style, Part 2

You can read the first part of our adventure here.

So, last time I blogged about this I’d just started tanking and had successfully managed Deadmines and a couple of other lowbie fungeons. We are only playing the rested on these characters, as we’re both levelling other alts separately, so today we dinged 45.

Since this is halfway to 90, I thought I’d commemorate this with a picture and a blog update:


That’s me, on the right!

As a tank, you experience a weird kind of rush… it’s you who is in charge of not killing the whole group, but also for leading around the dungeon and setting the pace. I actually find it, although exhilarating, really stressful. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a lot of fun and I’m loving the challenge. However, without Mr B there, I wouldn’t be able to do it as he is the one who tells me which way to go.

One thing I am struggling with though, is other people not being good players. Before y’all give me a lecture, I know this is WoW and I know it’ll always happen, but I totally appreciate how horrendous it is for new players to the game.


How to help a noob tank like me

  1. Let me set the pace – if someone keeps pulling (hunters, I’m looking at you!) and I have to keep trying to get the aggro, it causes me stress and then I make mistakes. This just slows us all down in the long run. I will also let you tank for the rest of the dungeon. #justsaying
  2. If I go the wrong way, it’s by mistake, I promise. Instead of saying: “wtf this way ffs”, try saying something like: hey, it’s this way :)”. I will respond a lot better and probably not go the wrong way on purpose next time just to annoy you.
  3. If I stop to loot a quest item, that doesn’t give you free reign to pull the next pack of mobs.
  4. Warriors have no speed boosts at this level. This means you may have to wait around. Deal with it.
  5. Calling me “tank” will not get a favourable response. Ever.
  6. I do not play WoW to power level and skip content. Likewise, I don’t run dungeons to maximise my xp/hr. If you’re not happy in the group, do us all a favour and just leave without the drama. Kkthxbai.

2 thoughts on “Tanking Mrs B Style, Part 2

  1. Doing low level dungeons is almost always an obnoxious experience; it’s worse when you’re tanking them. The problem is that low level dungeons don’t actually need tanks, so DPS learn bad habits early on.

  2. Holypally is absolutely right, and the problem is low level dungeons set the tone for how these people play later on. You know, when you’re actually capped and need to know your role in order to progress. Even this morning, I had a Druid tank so intent on burning through Gnomer that he failed to even noticed the healer managed to pull aggro and was getting swarmed. I had to Charge and Thunderclap to get aggro and then run, with all the mobs following me and live long enough to charge what the tank was fighting. Thanks to the healer actually knowing what they were doing, we pulled the trick off. Barely. Those kind of runs are not fun.

    You hit the nail on the head, though. You are the tank and you are in charge. As you eluded to, it isn’t the job of others to pull unless you direct them to do so. As a tank, I allow 1-2 accidental pulls. After that, you’re the tank. If I’m healing, I’ll allow it once. After that, I’m not healing you when you pull. Nor will I rez you. There’s a courtesy and respect that’s sorely lacking in the game, particularly when all folk care about is the next ding. That doesn’t mean we have to strain our enjoyment and patience just to put up with it.

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