A Guilty Pleasure.

So, I like to dabble in the occasional tablet game, this is no secret.

Currently, my addiction of choice is a game called Township.

townshipAs the name suggests, it’s a mixture between SimCity and Farmville… and it’s awesome!


  • It’s free from the ap store 😉
  • It’s pretty addictive and really simple to play
  • The graphics are really good – lots of varied NPC’s (business men in suits, kids with balloons, dog walkers)
  • You can rearrange your town as much as you like without penalty as the roads are free!
  • You don’t need facebook friends to progress in the game.


  • As with all these games, you wait for everything. Grow crops, wait for them, produce cheese/bread/clothes, wait for them, send a train for goods, wait for it, build houses and community shops, wait for them etc. Of course, you can speed them up… for a price.
  • There are two in game currencies – coins and cash. Cash is bought, coins are earned. Same story as all the other tablet games, but it’s still a negative.

township2I can’t take pics on my iPad, so this will have to do

I think if you like other types of similar tablet games, you should check Township out. Be prepared for the normal long waits, but if you have the patience, you don’t have to pay or spam friends in order to progress. Yay!

2 thoughts on “A Guilty Pleasure.

  1. I’ll have to check this out! I’m always looking for better tablet games. I don’t mind paying for a game, but I do hate having to spam friends with requests in order to actually play it.


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