A (not so) Simple Re-Quest

I got the Legendary cloak on my main, the Mage, a loooong time ago, a couple of months after MoP hit. “Great,” I thought, “No more LFR ever. Thanks very much!”.

Aviary Photo_130384228490702005So… WHAT THE HELL POSSESSED ME to do it a second time?!

The stupid LFR groups, the hour queue for each damn group, the redundant Nalak quest which takes ages to find a group for, the rep grind… blergh.

Anyway, last weekend, this happened:

Aviary Photo_130384225464479201Looking at her, it was worth every pain-staking minute!

On another note, I’m not sure I like this mog (which is the only one that remotely matches the cloak proc), so any suggestions are welcome!

4 thoughts on “A (not so) Simple Re-Quest

  1. Congrats! The Xuen proc is my second favorite after the Chi-Ji proc, and it’s tempting me to go get the legendary cloak with my Warrior. But the LFR, the Nalak kill, all that other stuff…! Bravo for going through all that a second time 😀

  2. Nicely done! I’m currently working on my new main’s Legendary Cloak, and while it kinda sucks it gives me something to do with each log-in. While you might say using subscription time for the sake of it, I wasn’t doing much with it originally with the start of 5.4 except for talking with guildies, so now I’ve got an aim. I’d recommend doing the cloak if anyone wants to remain subscribed yet also have a meaningful goal and something to look back on with pride! ^^

  3. Grats on the cloak:)
    I got the cloak for a second time on my priest but I think that’s probably it for me. One of my altoholic friends has collected the cloak on 8 alts so far, I really don’t think I have that amount of patience.
    I do like the blue cloak proc a lot with that outfit, hopefully you find another look that you like. I’ll have see if I can have a think of nice blue leather outfits, nothing is coming to me straight away.

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