A slave to fashion.

My monk has been after a new mog for a long time. She is currently Windwalker (you can see her Mistweaver set here) and doesn’t really like wearing a dress when she’s spinning and kicking.

Usually, she loves to wear the clothes of her ancestors (although this set now has a staff and new gloves). Here is this set, which she’s been in for many many months:

Aviary Photo_130212012457163224

But her new cloak didn’t match this, so she changed into her badass set (item set, with a change from one-handers to staff, here):

Aviary Photo_130384225464479201

However, she’s decided that every Monk and Rogue on Doomhammer seems to be wearing this and she doesn’t want to be *that* kind of Panda. So… what to wear?

This is one option, as she really likes the tabard she got from an event:

Aviary Photo_130386151367762141


But this doesn’t really match the cloak proc at all! So, then she thought about this one, which uses the guild tabard which she likes a LOT.

Aviary Photo_130386161381013769


I’d really appreciate your views and suggestions, if you have any!

8 thoughts on “A slave to fashion.

  1. Oh, they’re all so lovely! Can’t tell which ones the best. Really good job mogging your toon! πŸ˜€
    Looking forward to see more! (It will be more, right? :D)

    You’re like the Queen of Mogs! You should mog all your toons and show it to us! πŸ˜€ Hehe^^

  2. Either one of those would be great!
    The Summer Flames set would be fine with the cloak proc, I think, because it’s the directly contrasting color from the color wheel. If you really wanted, you could put some touches of blue into it with a cerulean shirt and the same Mighty Girdle as in the guild tabard set.

  3. I like all the sets a lot, really like the summer flames set thought, the colours are lovely.

    If you’re looking for different boots for the last sets, ‘Grim boots” on a panda seem to blend in seemlessly with the legs. They are a drop though so might be a bit tricky to get your paws on some πŸ™‚

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