Wisdom, Knowledge and Flash Heal.

For those of you who may not have heard of the wonder that is the…

[Elixir of Ancient Knowledge]

Aviary Photo_130387645325315848

I recently acquired one of these after many hours camping Krol the Blade in Dread Wastes (he’s down by the spiders when you first start the zone quests, by the wall). They do, as of recently, drop from The Archiereus of Flame on the Timeless Isle too.

Things to remember when using the potion of magical xp goodness.

  • Only useable up to level 85.
  • Consumed on use
  • If you die, it disappears!
  • You are able to log out and it will not disappear.

We deliberated for a long time how to use it most effectively. Here are the options:

  1. Questing – fill up your log of complete quests and just hand them in. Bingo, masses of xp.
  2. Boosting through instances by a friend
  3. LFG – queuing for randoms and hoping for the best
  4. Normal game play


Obviously, each has its own drawbacks… filling up your quest log will require loads of prep, and hubs close together for easy access. I can’t imagine that using the whole hour or play either. LFG is too random, if you die, it’s wasted. Definite no-no. Normal play seems like a waste too. That left boosting.

How we did it

  1. Ding level 80. Head to Blackrock Caverns. Enter, get quests, pop Elixir at first trash.
  2. Do instance, don’t die. **Ding 81**.
  3. Hand in quests at the end, immediately log out.
  4. Get a lovely friend and your boosting companion to head to Stonecore in Deepholm.
  5. Log in, get a summon. (We roped in the lovely Matt (@heallarious) to help us here)
  6. Do Stonecore until **ding 82**. Use teleporter to go back and reset.
  7. Get quests, do instance, **ding 83**, don’t die. When finished, head back to the entrance (use the portal!) to hand quests in then immediately log out.
  8. Send your booster to Vortex Pinnacle in Uldum. Get a friend to help with the summon. Log in, get a summon.
  9. Get Vortex quests. Do instance. Cross your fingers for the mount drop. Don’t die. Watch out for the sparkly balls of death. **Ding 84**. Use the whirly wind things to go back to the entrance. Hand quests in, immediately log out.
  10. Booster and nice friend go to Grim Batol. Log in, get a summon, get quests.
  11. Do instance, don’t die. **Ding 85**. Hand quests in. Sorted.

We still had 9 minutes left on the Elixir when I dinged, so there was room for error or a slower booster. If you pushed the speed (we were really cautious as we didn’t want to make a mistake and die), you could probably do 2 runs of BRC and start at 79. The only problem here of course, is that you’d hit your instance lock out and would need a tea break before Grim Batol.

I’m sure there are many ways people prefer to use this Elixir. Please do share them in the comments or with us on twitter.

Aviary Photo_130387686661628878

Here’s level 85 Miette kitted out in starter MoP gear, ready for her next adventure!


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