Here’s my strategy for Kafi, located in Kun’lai Summit.

Aviary Photo_130261510672587366

Pet Setup

Aviary Photo_130261510843367612

What would have been good here is a Tonk or Custodian, but I wanted to give an option fro those who may not have them, so I used another Life Exchange in their place, the Dragon.


He hits HARD. I used Life Exchange after his opener, which took me to 25% health, and gave me enough health to get him down to about 80% with Slicing Wind. Then, I swapped in the Gnome and used Launch Rocket 3 times before he died and Kafi was at about 10%. Finally, the Idol demolished (/giggle) him.

There are plenty of other strategies with much more finesse than mine, but it is possible to get him down with these 3 relatively easy to get pets. I hope it has given you another option to consider if you’re struggling!

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