I’m likely to get into trouble for this, especially as it’s a bit ironic, but I can’t help myself.

The power of people is a wonderful thing. It has the opportunity to alienate, create community, annoy, bring joy… a whole host of big personal emotions. As a person, you’re able to influence someone else directly. How mad is that?

We are asked time and time again why we follow so many people om Twitter. The reason is really simple – we enjoy reading about what you all get up to. The highs (and lows), the achievements, the news, the personal experiences… we love it all. We would much rather have a really busy timeline with loads of news, than follow 100 people and have no experience of our followers and their lives. Seems a bit self centered to have loads of followers and not partake in a two-way relationship… in our own opinion anyway.

Recently, both of us have been suffering from extreme WoW  fatigue, so we sympathise, we really do.

To justify this to the haters: I am now gear capped (I can’t do normals due to my work commitments), I have 15k achievement points, I have 58 exalted reps, I’ve done all but one boss of Brawlers Guild (which I just can’t get past – 50 wipes and counting!). I *almost* have Gold Proving Grounds (I keep failing the last wave, QQ), I have ALL professions maxed, I have 10 level 90’s with one left for the boost. I have a full set of current 522 PvP gear (which considering I HATE PvP I’m quite proud about!), I have 168 mounts. I have almost all the recipes for each of these primary and secondary professions (relying on drops), I have all Best Friend reps (Halfhill, Nat Pagle etc). We have – thanks to you lovely folk – a wonderful level 25 guild.

I’ve been playing since Cata’s last patch.

So it has REALLY  pissed me off this week with the amount of goddamn moaning on Twitter by people who don’t seem to WANT to find things to do, or see the good points of Warcraft. “There’s nothing to do, QQ”, “WoD changes suck, QQ”, “What am I paying Blizzard for? QQ”, “Changes suck, QQ”. So much so, I’ve gone MIA – I just can’t keep my cool with people.

complaint1Let me get this straight:

  1. I understand you have been playing since Vanilla
  2. I understand you don’t want to raid / can’t raid / have raided HC
  3. I understand you pay for content
  4. I understand you have done all that I have (and probably more)
  5. I understand you absolutely hate the proposed changes to: your class/spec/character models/raids/[insert change here]
  6. I understand you feel that without flying you can’t live/have fun
  7. I understand a year without content is a long time
  8. I definitely understand that you don’t feel Blizzard listens to everyone / works hard enough / reads the numerous blog posts, tweets, forums

In case you’ve forgotten:

  1. You have a really understanding set of developers who are clearly listening to as many suggestions as possible – last nights interview on FinalBossTV if you can’t believe that.
  2. You have a pretty good bug-free game
  3. You have regular fixes
  4. You have a really good (from my own experience anyway) Customer Service
  5. You have [insert time here] number of hours of entertainment for the sub fee. If you don’t, why are you playing? Cinema for two people in the UK here is, say 3hours, for £8pp. You do the maths. We pay £17.98/month for WoW.

… So can we all just shut up moaning now?

thinkHow on EARTH do you know whether you will hate the changes to: class/spec/character models/raids/[insert change here] if you haven’t played it yet? It’s like the children I work with telling me they absolutely 100% hate the piece of music I give them to play without even hearing it. It’s ridiculous and I’m sick of it.

By all means, give your opinion on the alpha changes! But try this: instead of adopting the familiar blame culture that is the Western society, say it once, say it politely, and then leave it be. Even better if you can have a solution ready – Ok, so loads of hunter abilities have been removed. You know Blizzard wants to remove the bloat, so instead of QQing to them and not being constructive, offer a solution that they might consider. Win-win.

We love to hear your opinions, but there is a difference between an opinion, and moaning for the sake of being negative. We are both generally really happy people and it’s really depressing seeing so many people not even trying to see the good stuff or offer solutions to the numerous problems they find with the new content etc.

We have unfollowed people this week because of this, which makes us really sad. We want to interact with the community, but we just can’t hack the negativity at the moment. I know this is a post moaning about people  moaning, but after watching it for a week, I reckon I’m allowed.

Positive Mental Attitude! Let’s give it a go… for the sake of our sanity… pretty please?


16 thoughts on “QQ

  1. Ironic that you’re complaining about complainers :p But I 100% understand and agree with the point you’re making. Some of the proposed changes in Warlords are significant and change, in general, makes people uncomfortable. And that results in a lot of complaining.

    Some complaints are valid concerns; others aren’t. But there’s a Maya Angelou quote I really like that fits your post to a tee. “If you don’t like something, change it. If you can’t change it, change your attitude. Don’t complain.”

    For my part, I’d rather imagine the ways all the potential proposed changes could affect game-play. Instead of, you know, complaining about things I can’t change. An adaptive mindset is required to deal with the end of an expansion/release of another. Too bad so few people lack that :p

  2. Reblogged this on When 140 characters is not enough and commented:
    Well said. I started in Wrath. I have close to the same achievements etc. I still have so much to do its overwhelming at times. Going into Cata I was a sponge of all change. I learned I read and figured out what I needed to have fun.

    Going from Cata to Mists we had huge changes. I learned I adapted I hade, am having fun. Going forward? I bet I do the same. And gasp. Dare I say it. /whipers. I may have fun 🙂

  3. Good post 🙂
    I didn’t know you had so many followers and followed so many people on Twitter until now. Not that it really matters. I don’t have that many nor do I follow that many people, but I’m actually looking for more people to follow because my timeline is very quiet sometimes and
    I’m looking for new blogs to read. Maybe you can recommend some?
    I’m also getting tired of people complaining about the changes
    Blizzard have done in the WoD alpha. Alpha, people! It’s not final…

    I don’t think there is a lot to do in WoW atm. But I do some bgs with my boyfriend and I’m planning on level up a new character. I think it’s great that Blizzard take the time they need to make WoD as good as they can, even if we have to wait until Nov/Dec.

    • It’s hard to recommend blogs as I always miss someone awesome out :p I suggest going to people like Alternative Chat who has a blog roll with loads of people on – or trawling through the people we follow who usually have blog links in their profile.

      I also don’t think there’s a lot left for me personally, but I don’t constantly moan about it, nor do you. I’d much rather unsub and them get WoD right, than it be rushed 😉

  4. Well put 🙂

    I think it’s well enough to have a rant now and then, but when people are nothing but negative it really gets to you. For the Cataclysm expansion, I was really quite excited.. but had a guildie who was anything but. Any time I mentioned something I was excited about, he had to tell me the exact reasons why it was bad/sucked etc. It was really disheartening.

    Sure, I don’t do much in WoW atm, but it’s still worth the money I pay. As long as I play longer than 2 hours a month (which is what I’d get out of the same money if I went to the cinema), I’m getting my money’s worth. And since I still raid 7 hours a week, I get more than double 😀

    • What a bargain! 😀

      I try very hard not to burst the bubble of others… whether about a new film, a visit to a city or a game. Don’t see why other people are so negative 😦

  5. There’s always gonna be complaint; of which I’m readily guilty of doing myself from time to time… But, I have to agree with how you’ve put it. It’s gonna be one of those things that we all have to ride out and see where things fall once they’re more in play with the actual game.

  6. Thanks for the amazing post. My wife and me are also WoW players. We play since Vanilla and still have the same fun as always. But lately, everywhere we go on the, we find people angry. What people don’t get is that Blizzard has never pretended to be able to keep players busy 10h/day for years. They provide a great place for people to live their adventures, but the players also have to make a step in that direction, create their own journey.

    Are you familiar with the “Pareto law”? The Pareto principle states that, for many events, roughly 80% of the effects come from 20% of the causes.(source: wiki)
    The thing is that, mostly, only 20% of the people are angry but those 20% are also the ones who voice their opinion, leading people to believe that the other 80% think the same.
    When a class is nerfed, 20% will go cry on the forums while the other 80% go on to play it and still top the damage meters. But because the 80% didn’t post on the forums, people will assume that the entire class is angry against the changes. I believe that it is the same with WoW, the most “voicy” people will lead the others in believing that the entire (or the majority) community is disappointed by the wait until WOD while a lot more are happy to still have a few months to get their cloaks,…
    My point is that what you did – removing the bad voices of your twitters, news readers,.. – is the best way to clear up the sky of the negativity and I’m gonna do just the same.

    I could add so much more on that topic. It has been a huge subject of discussion with my wife lately and we decided to go the same way as you. We love the game and we still have plenty of things to do in it before WOD is released. We won’t let whiners spoil it for us 😉

    Game on and have fun 🙂

    • Thank you for your comment! I think it’s more important (in life as in game) to surround yourself with positivity. Moaning is all well and good to a pal, but to constantly do it on a public feed can get a bit wearing….

      Enjoy your in game time with your wife – playing with a loved one is (nearly) always fun 🙂

  7. It’s completely true, and having played since the last patch of Cataclysm you might not have seen it as much. To be perfectly honest, that list could be created EVERY patch around this time. The specifics change, but the points you made don’t and it just baffles me. If you don’t like the game right now, why are you paying to play it? That’s just foolish. You can gripe and moan without paying 13.99 a month (message boards), and “there’s nothing to do” means either you’ve run out of things that suit your playstyle, or you’re just lazy.

    Hrm, guess I’ll ask for a pardon on my own mini-rant there.

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