Royal Revolt II

I like to see which free apps provide me with some entertainment, so after I got bored with Township I downloaded Royal Revolt.

Basically, you are the conquering hero who lives in a castle. This castle is attacked sporadically by other users of the app, who can breach your defenses and steal your gold. You are able to spend the gold you get attacking others in the defense of your own castle. Pretty cool, huh!


  • It’s free from the app store!
  • Really easy to play and quite addictive
  • Graphics are really good and it’s not buggy
  • You don’t need facebook to progress!
  • Lots of fun animations and ways to defend your castle.
  • Pretty easy to progress at first, it feels rewarding.
  • Attacking real life players and getting revenge is really fun!!


  • You can only be a King, not a Queen
  • You need to log in relatively regularly or all your gold will be stolen and you can’t save up enough to pay for the next upgrade. For example, you get about 40k gold per win, you can do 4 attacks before your resources run out and need to replenish, so about 120k til you can’t do any more that session. People will steal about 80k of that in the meantime, and you need 500k to upgrade your next building… See the problem?
  • You can spend money to get gems to attack quicker and buy gold/resources, but I refuse to spend money on these games.
  • It’s quite prescriptive in what you’re allowed to do regarding troop placement.


Anyway, I really enjoyed this for about a month until I got bored because I couldn’t log in enough before my gold all got stolen. An bit of fun for a rainy day – highly recommended!

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