Fishing for a Turtle.

I love fishing, but even after thousands of casts, I still hadn’t fished up the Sea Turtle needed for the Salty title. I fish every time I log in – to level it, to do achievements, for cooking, to get the Pagle rep etc etc and still the mount hadn’t dropped. Typical.

Anyway, I was casually fishing for the final couple of fish for the Nat Pagle rep when all of a sudden I LEAPED out my chair…


I love the animation of this little mount, and he has a very cute face. Totally worth the time spent!


3 thoughts on “Fishing for a Turtle.

  1. LOL congratz on the turtle – it can be a royal pain to get sometimes. I know that I had taken one of my lowbies to the Faire, quite a while back, at level 25 or so, cast into one of the pools that show up and “Wham!” I had a turtle mount. I was one surprised person at the keyboard.

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