Ta-ra a bit, luv.

I thought I’d enlighten you all with a bit of our native Midland dialect in the title. Hope you all enjoyed it 😉

The primary reason for this post, unfortunately, is to announce that we have unsubbed from World of Warcraft for the time being.

You may have read a few posts back that we, especially I (Mrs B), have been really bored with the content left available to me. I have achieved *most* of what I am able as a solo casual player with limited time for play. I even ventured into much-hated PvP in a desperate attempt at re-lighting the beacon of interest, but it just didn’t happen.

As with any game, especially one that you pay a subscription for, value for money is a huge factor, and paying £18/month for a game you are logging into once a week  for an hour of challenge modes just seems like a tragic waste. It was mainly this factor that played the most important part in our decision.

Don’t misunderstand us, we are not unhappy with the service Blizzard provide, but just bored and need an extended break. We WILL be back, definitely before Warlords, and most certainly be very excited for the new content. We still love you, Blizzard, but with few lines of progression left available to us as casual players, we have to draw the line somewhere.

It does make us sad that we hear of many people going down the same route. It also makes us a little cross (for want of a better word – we aren’t really cross people!), that Blizzard implies it will get content out quicker then makes no more utterances about this over the 6 months following. It seems like recently, the company has been drip feeding the community information – Artcraft, blog updates etc – to keep the public at bay. But is it really working? We think not.

Yes, we all want a quality product, and yes, we all want value for money. What we don’t want is coining of a catchphrase (yes, looking at YOU “Soon TM”) which is then used to fob off the public and a year between any content release. There is a fine balance which I think most of us could argue just has not been reached. Moar communication please, Blizz!

As for the blog, we’re a bit uncertain about what to do – should we blog about the other games we play, would people be interested to read that? Or, just start it back up when we return for the Warlords pre-expansion hype? Let us know!

14 thoughts on “Ta-ra a bit, luv.

  1. Of course! Most of us are just “gamers” – not just “wow players”.

    I’m also pretty bored, but I’m trying to build up some gold to level professions for 12 characters when the expansion hits. I know it’s crazytown, but that’s me. 😉

  2. Hai mr and mrs B, you finally followed me out of WoW :), you should try War Thunder, it’s a Flight game, where you fly WWII planes and aim to destroy ground units, airstrips, enemy players in planes, boats, etc. it’s really fun 🙂

  3. Your blogs are always interesting and if you’re playing other games, that’s fine too – I’m sure that we’d like to hear about your experiences.

    I’m just marking time and running alts, fleshing out my 90s so that they might be ready for WoD, however, there are times that I ask myself why I am doing all of this …and for how long?

  4. Great writing will miss it. So please keep up with the gaming news whatever that may be. I’ve started doing move pvp, joined a pvp guild but would really enjoy some new content too. Taking a break is always a good idea come back refreshed or perhaps not at all!

    • Ah we’ll definitely be back… just need something new to do, I’m getting bored of levelling alts for the sake of it 😦

      PvP is fab, hope you enjoy it – the current gear looks pretty awesome at least!

  5. Definately keep blogging about what you’re up to. That way we can all stay in touch while we wait for WoD. I’ll love your non wow posts as much as your wow ones 🙂

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  7. awwww! but hopefully just still keep us posted! and im sure your blogging will continue as well… Have fun with your break.. did took a break for a year or so and it was worth it.. we needed that… i needed it. So i dont blame you as to be practical now a days i hear you about paying the subscription that you only able to log not much to be paying worth for the money you spent.

    Anyway, Wish you good luck and happy adventures offline! But looking forward to see you guys back again! Take care! and Enjoy the break! ❤ Much love from BA forums and AmerPriest Blog/Amerence Love WoW

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