Dealings with Diablo

So we caved and bought the Diablo expansion this week, for a bargain price I might add! Neither of us have a max level character – yet – but the allure of the Crusader and the Adventure Mode just proved too much!

I’m hogging it at the moment, I’ve rolled a Crusader and as we’re speaking, I’m level 36.

Aviary Photo_130442911360887114

He looks beasty, huh? I haven’t had much time played as yet, but I thought I’d give a super quick overview thus far.

Good Things!

  • Crusaders hit like bricks – you can pull so many mobs at once!!
  • They look awesome :p

Bad Things

  • Not having more time to play.

As I said, only level 36 so I’m really looking forward to looking at the new content the expansion offers. I’ll update as and when I get there… shouldn’t be too long!

I was finally able to get access when he went off to work last night and managed to get my little Wizard to level 42. Here she is:

Aviary Photo_130442911203357741

I’ve just reached Act 5 and unlocked the transmogrifyer. This’ll be awesome when I decide what I want to look like. At the moment she looks a bit derpy with the hat she has on, but never mind.

Act 5 is more of the same, I enjoyed the Vestibule of Light as it was so pretty, but I’m currently in the dark underbelly of somewhere so that’s not as fun. I’m looking forward to reaching max level and this Adventure Mode I’ve been hearing so much about.

We have a Minecraft post for you next, stay tuned!

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