Entertainment, or a whimsical distraction?

What we’re talking about, of course, is Blizzard’s new “webisode”, Azeroth Choppers.

So, some guys at Blizzard, instead of focusing on getting the content out that 6million people are waiting impatiently for, have decided that they actually want to plow money and resources into a series of films about some other guys creating some motorbikes.



Aside from the fact that I hate the stupid word “webisode”, the whole concept has seemed a bit… silly to me. I expected to see a lot of the design process, seeing as Blizzard designs stuff. I also expected to see Blizzard people do a lot of the presenting, talking us through ideas and showing us some techniques or technology… seeing as that’s what they do. Finally, I kind of expected the main Blizzard guys to be building… or at least present… in the process. I’m a bit confounded that none of these things really happened to be honest.

Okay, okay, we got to see Metzen being all pro-Alliance (making a principal or whut?) and even some back-stage Sky Golem design (how exciting! Not). They even flew some Blizzard guys out there to inspect the bikes and give creative input which sounds like a great use of their time. No seriously, I hear everything is ahead of schedule with Blizzard games currently…

Meh, who am I to comment on their business plan and resource use? After all, I’m just a consumer who contributes a teeeeeny tiny percentage of their gross income. /sigh

Although I was disappointed I didn’t see more designing and more of the Blizzard people and their processes, the final bikes did look amazing.. I also thought since they had gone to the trouble of making it a (here comes that word again!) “webisode” series, it could have been longer and more detailed. I thought it was a bit of a shame the guys working on the bikes hadn’t played World of Warcraft before, and that it took them 5 episodes to introduce them to it. A good idea not properly thought though, or a bad idea dressed up with some Blizzard pajazz? Not sure.

I suppose I’m kind of taking the stance of: “If you’re going to do something, do it properly”.

I think it’s a really wasteful use of time at the moment, considering all the gripe with the slow release of the expansion. We know there are different teams working on different elements etc etc etc but actually, we want content, not 8minutes of making bikes a week. People are so starved for news that they want, no, they NEED the tiniest bit of Blizzard goodness.

The end result of each bike was pretty incredible, and I must say, I prefer the Horde bike with its tusks and chains. I would have liked to have seen a mock up of each design in-game before I vote, as the translation from real life to screen could be very different.

We would both love to be tempted back to WoW with the promise of an awesome new mount, but this isn’t news and it isn’t content! It isn’t anything, except 10minutes of some dudes we don’t know putting together a cool looking bike based on a game some haven’t even played. Nice try, Blizz, but we’ll get excited when something real happens. KK? Thxbai.













2 thoughts on “Entertainment, or a whimsical distraction?

  1. I’ll be *very* surprised if they don’t put both bikes in-game. I think they gave a bit of a wink in that direction when they ‘decided’ to start work on the Alliance bike’s code.

    I gotta say, the Alliance bike is a bit too shiny for my taste, but pretty decent looking. I like the dirty and menacing look of the Horde bike – and before someone is in with “but but but it celebrates Garrosh!”, remember that tusks aren’t exclusive to his armor. All Orcs and Trolls have tusks.

    Anyway, not that you wanted my opinion, but hey. 😉

    Can’t wait to see if my prediction is correct. I can’t imagine they’d give only one side a free in-game mount. Can you imagine the uproar?

    • We always want your opinion! 😀

      I think there would be instantaneous rage quitting and many problems if only one side were to get a mount… fingers crossed they foresee it!

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