Minecraft Series #3 MAIL!

Welcome back to my Minecraft series! I promised last time I would talk about our Entertainment Complex, but I got sidetracked by building a Mail Distribution Centre and I’m so pleased with it, I wanted to share it!

So, here it is, based on the UK Royal Mail colours, I hope they don’t mind :p


The building on the right is the visitor centre, where you go to collect your parcel because you’ve missed the postie when you’re at work. The other two large buildings are Warehouses. Obviously with the car park out front.

Main collection point:


With a Staff Area above – complete with widescreen TV and pool table of course. There’s also a Managers Office, toilet and store room, but I didn’t think you’d be that fussed about seeing those!


Here’s the loading bay and the vehicles. I just adapted a model of lorry I already knew and made it larger or smaller for the different sized vans.


Then inside the loading bay warehouse. I used a forklift truck video from Keralis (click) which I just adapted. It looks really good, so I used it in the adjoining warehouse too. I know it’s dark, but there’s already glowstone and many torches, it’s just a massive building.


I used lots of different crates for the parcels, plus the jukebox, crafting table and notebox. It’d be nice to have different sized squares, but hey! Here’s the larger warehouse. More of the same to be honest, but I had fun with the boxes!


I would have liked to make it even BIGGER with a proper road system around it for the trucks, but by the time I’d cut out all the damn flooring I was fed up. The whole complex is about 100 x 50 to give you an idea of size.

Hope you enjoyed it, see you for more Minecraft news soon!

6 thoughts on “Minecraft Series #3 MAIL!

  1. ooh it looks great. I love your warehouse with all the shelving. I haven’t personally played it in a year or so but my boys love it – but it looks so different from when I played.
    Funny enough the idea of playing a bit of it again has been running through my head for a few days now; .There is so much minecraft marketing around, books, little knitted hats, t-shirts, I want to play it just so I have a legitimate excuse to buy a minecraft knitted hat.. “yeah I play minecraft- see I have the hat” sort of mentality going on here atm πŸ™‚

    • Thanks! It’s pretty addictive even for us grown ups πŸ˜€ If you have an account, I’d go for it – we have a server you can play on if you’d like to… although it’s a bit quiet at the mo.

      I’m going to try knitting a minecraft hat for the winter – I’ll let you know how it goes πŸ˜‰

      • I’ll update the game on my computer and use one of the boys accounts when they aren’t if I can – if not I’ll get around to making my own.

        I would love to see pics of your hat when you make it :).

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