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Since we’ve been playing Diablo together, we’ve actually been spending a lot of time boosting the others character. This is mainly as we had to create a second account to be able to play together and therefore, someone had to start from scratch (Mr B, mwhaha). We are quite noobish at this game and didn’t know any tips or tricks for boosting, so we thought we would share the best way we found, in case you didn’t know.

Aviary Photo_130463790071872628

Naked Witchdoctor screenshot!

This method of boosting exploits the massive xp gain from Torment 6, so you need to choose which option suits you below.

We do level 1-40 in about an hour using this technique. We also make about 1m gold in that time. It’s profitable for the booster, certainly! In the time I boosted Mr B from 1-65 I had also done about 7 Paragon levels too, as you get xp from the quest hand ins. It does slow down afterwards, but one rift just gave Mr B’s level 50 character 5 levels, so it’s not too bad at all!

If the person being boosted already has a level 60+ character

Then it’s easy! Simply create your new level 1 and start a game on Torment 6 and get your level 70 friend to join your game on that difficulty. They will simply run you through bounties and rifts and hey presto. My newly dinged, badly geared Wizard can handle T6 bounties and rifts easily upto about level 60. I struggle then, as my DPS is so bad.

Just remember, if you’re being boosted on T6 you will die a LOT, even keeping far enough back, some mobs like to teleport to you. They also have no aggro table, which isn’t helpful.

If the person being boosted does NOT have a level 60+ character already

Slightly more complex as you need Torment 6 on to get the full boost effect. Of course, you could do it on Master but you don’t get as much xp.

Here’s what to do:

  • Get the booster to create a level 1 of any kind, and start a T6 game with that character.
  • Join that game on your new level 1
  • Booster leaves game and switches to their high level
  • Proceed as normal

NB: put aside a long stretch of time for this method – as soon as you leave party, this won’t work again.

If, for example, you stopped at level 40, to use this method again you would have to find (or the booster have) a level 40 who already has a level 60 character to create the game for you to join.

We hope this might be helpful to other people, let us know anyway!

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