Weekend News

It’s coming to the end of the school term so I am madly busy and Mr B has been unwell. Between us, we only turned the computer on for the first time all week on Thursday for an hour (very unlike us!), which means we don’t have much to write about this week at all.

What we can tell you though, is that we are trying out a new mod pack for Minecraft called Hexxit which we have been playing in Survival with two friends. I was going to do a short review, but as I sat down, the server crashed and we’ve been unable to get it going again. I’ll write one up in the next couple of weeks instead.

So far so good, though. Loads of items and new mobs to play with. We especially like the giraffes and elephants! It’s apparently aimed at adventure, and there are certainly many dungeons and caves with lots of cool loot. I know the boys have been enjoying those, whereas us girls have been building and primping more than anything else.

In other news, I’ve been knitting lots of things in the evenings where I would usually play WoW. I’ll put some photos up at the bottom (if you know of a good Warcraft pattern, hit me up!). We are both missing Warcraft, but every time we think about resubbing, we wonder exactly what we would do and always come to the same conclusion: nothing. Come 6.0, we will be there with bells on!


George, he’s tiny, but very cute!

bunny blanket prac

A little baby comforter. This was a practice for a gift I’m going to make 🙂

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