A Goal Achieved

After nearly a year of perseverance,  I finally hit my goal of 60 exalted reputations!

Aviary Photo_130504489664031471

I have been rocking ‘The Beloved’ title ever since!

It’s a massive grind for only 10 points, but you do get lots of pretty mounts and tabards AND there’s something inside me that feels happy to see this:

Aviary Photo_130505923331763447

I’ve decided to keep going and see how many I can get. I have all the hard ones left now: Hydraxion Warlords (getting a bit sick of Molton Core!!), Booty Bay, Frenzyheart (I can’t be bothered after working so hard for the Oracles!) etc etc. I don’t feel a mad rush, but it’ll be nice to see if I can get a couple more done before WoD.

Do you guys like rep grinding?

6 thoughts on “A Goal Achieved

  1. I like rep grinding on my hunter. She’s the character of mine who I enjoy doing it on the most and she keeps it fun in the process. I can go for hours on her whereas any other toon I quickly become bored.

  2. Congratulations! I’ve considered pursuing this with Kam (who has the most reps so far) for that “Beloved” title, but it’s pretty low down on my priorities. Perhaps after I’ve got my Warlords faction reps maxed out, I’ll see how many more I’ll need to get to 60…

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