Lil’ Oony

Lil’ Oondasta, the pet of choice of Tommy Newcomer… a rather sweet faced boy located on the Timeless Isle.

Aviary Photo_130279544018479143

Little Oony is a massive pain in the bum… very similar to his grown up counter part. He looks bloomin’ amazing though, I so want one! However, the lure of 500 coins a day towards the 100k for the mount was hard to resist.

Anyway, FULL CREDIT for the strategy to beat this guy goes to @WoWRounded – link to the article here.

The technique has worked every time I have used it without fail, and only requires two pets to execute. Before I found this strategy, I was hopelessly killing pet after pet trying to figure out how to stop Oony’s Frill Blast from eating my mechanicals.

So, which pets to use?

My trusty Clockwork Gnome with Build Turret, and the Zandalari Kneebiter with Black Claw and Hunting Party. The third pet doesn’t matter as long as its health is lower than the Kneebiter. I use whichever low level pet I have to hand.


As I said, @WoWRounded’s is flawless. The article (which you should read!) explains is great detail, but condensed down is basically:

1. Start with the Gnome and Build Turret

2. Oony will swap out the Gnome for the Kneebiter, so use Black Claw then Hunting Party. This should take him down to about 20% health. If you’re lucky, Oony will miss and you’ll get another in, which will finish him off.

3. If the previous step doesn’t kill him, swap the Gnome back in and finish him off with a bash to the head.

I know this requires these two particular pets, but I use the Gnome in most fights at the moment, and the Kneebiter is really easy to get – and cheapish on the AH too.

Thank you @WoWRounded for helping me finally beat this beast!



4 thoughts on “Lil’ Oony

  1. Oh, this freaking pet battling thing. I have barely looked at it all expansion…I know I should…but my to-do list is eleventy billion miles long already…and only 3.5 hours from now – we’ll know how much time I have left to meet my goals! I guess I could add ‘level 3 pets to 25’ to my list though…my highest three are 24/23/21…

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