Geeking Out

So after the very exciting announcement yesterday, we’ve had a few hours to ponder over the news. As I’m sure everyone else is doing, dissecting the little bits of information we have (honestly, we haven’t received that much ‘new’ news) and picking apart our favourite bits.


13th November 2014. Will you be there??

How good was that cinematic (click here for the link)?? If the movie is anything to go by, it’ll be amazing. Shame about the lag on the stream, but we’ll live. We also enjoyed the short animated movie-thing… excellent introduction to lore and gives some brilliant info behind the expansion.

There are lots of awesome things to look forward to, many of which we already knew: Garrisons, new models (those Gnome eyes!), lots of lovely new scenery – how beautiful does Shadowmoon look?? – plus lots more. The quality of life changes such as the transmog collections, stats, item squish, toybox are all very promising, as are the new dungeons which look pretty epic! Finally…. ASHRAN BABY! As a non-PvP-er, it sounds pretty fun as an experience at least. I’m not going to list anymore, as I’m sure nearly all of you are fully aware of the new stuff and would /yawn.

However, certain aspects do make us feel a tiny bit meh – “orcs orcs everywhere and not an Alliance in sight” for one. Lots of tusks, ick. I think people taking the “Horde are the favourites” standpoint do have half a leg to stand on – although we don’t particularly share the same view, we understand where they’re coming from. I’m also not too happy being stuck near Ashran on a base – I’d rather be out the way somewhere (doesn’t matter where!). It feels like I’m being forcibly encouraged towards the content which is… not nice. However, Mr B can’t wait so what can I say??

The Anniversary event looks AMAAAYZING.

wow anniv

I can’t wait to experience Molton Core 40man! I don’t care it’s as an LFR, makes it accessible for people like us which as a one-off can’t be bad. Mount and pets and 100man PvP. Awesome. All this amazing-ness makes me question why they are banging Blizzcon, WoD release AND Anniversary into the same time frame. For people who can’t take time of work for the release, or those of us who have other commitments…. eesh, not easy to experience all the awesome.

It was announced on MMOC today that we will get ‘plenty of time’ to get to 100 for the Anniversary. This is excellent. However, with the amount Blizzard change their tune, I’m going to hold off getting too excited until I see numbers. 

I did have a discussion on Twitter about why people are cross about not having content for so long. At the risk of repeating myself, I’d really prefer they release a quality product that I have to wait for. We took a 4 month break which was more than enough to refresh us ready for release. We may take another one in September until 6.0 comes out, but folks… if you’re bored go do something else and don’t moan at me. I won’t sympathise ^^

Let us know what you’re excited about. Or not. Whatever :p 

3 thoughts on “Geeking Out

  1. Okay, the Cinematic was awesome, and the lore webseries will be great too. (I love me some lore!) On the flip side – that dude on the live stream… yuck. I made a graphic to show how I felt, it’s in my timeline if you care to take a gander. I’ll just say this – Grom was not pleased with Chris Watters’ offering.

    Next, as someone that experienced the original 40-man Molten Core, I have mixed feelings. I’m not one of those, “THINGS SHOULD STAY LIKE THEY WERE IN VANILLA YOU WHIPPERSNAPPERS!” people, but it’ll be pretty cool to go back and be part of an old-school raid again. I hope it has the feel of a Karazhan or Naxx type thingy, although MC wasn’t very story-based.

    And HELLOO!!! TARREN MILL VS. SOUTHSHORE?! There’s a fight I can get behind! I’m horde all the way, but even I hate what they did to Southshore. I enjoyed the struggle between those two towns, and I can’t wait to experience that again. Whenever we retaliated (or instigated), Hubs would go straight for the flightmaster – and then yell “ALL FLIGHTS ARE CANCELLED!”

    Lastly, I also mentioned on twitter that I find the whole “yell for your faction” thing tiresome. As I mentioned, I’m mainly Horde, but it’s really getting old to hear them perpetuate the “Horde bias” arguments. It’s probably true, I have no way of knowing for sure, but man – Blizz sure perpetuates it nicely. I’m proud of my faction, but I also love my friends who play Alliance. I fight for the Horde, but I also participate in tributes to fallen Alliance players, events for Allies that I care for, etc. I have absolutely no animosity for them outside of the PvP environment. Their struggle (in-game) is just as valid as the Horde’s.

    I love your posts. Every time I get an email, I can’t wait to open them and see what you’ve written. Even if it’s about Minecraft and I have no idea what you’re saying. 😉

    • Aww we love your comments too ❤

      I agree, I (he isn't) am getting very tired with the Horde v Alliance thing. We should unite against a common enemy now and share a capital and stop being so…. grumpy. I must have missed your tweet but I agree wholeheartedly with you!

      I'd love to experience even a tiny bit of MC but I reckon for you guys it's going to be soooo weird. You'll be reminiscing 😀

      Maybe we'll see each other on the epic battleground!!!

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