A Community Project – I Need YOUR Help!

I’m really tired of all the negativity about the game I love most, World of Warcraft, that’s rocking our community at the moment. EVERYWHERE I turn there’s someone moaning… forums, twitter, skype, in-game…. BAH.

So, here’s my solution, for which I need YOUR help.



I would like to head a community project called:


…or something.

What I propose is that we all list the top 3 things in Warcraft thatΒ we LOVE. The things that make us play the game. The events, places, achievements, battlegrounds… whatever it is that floats your boat. The more ideas we get the better – so many people haven’t heard or haven’t bothered with certain things because they don’t know (enough) about it. Let’s change that. Let’s give the community our joy of the game back.

All you need to do is blog (and link) or tweet or DM me your choices and I will compile them into a list which I hope will look like this:

  • SUGGESTION – link to whose idea it was, a longer description/wowhead info if necessary etc

very shortΒ blurb describing the basics of the suggestion (time, place, faction etc)

Whether it’s one suggestion, or five, I don’t think it matters. What matters is the passion and the enthusiasm. No moaning allowed!

So, what d’ya think? Will you take part and help us to spread the love of our game?

59 thoughts on “A Community Project – I Need YOUR Help!

  1. Cool Idea. I don’t get to play as much as I used to because of moving and being stuck with only satellite internet and being deep in the legal work of launching my charity. here are the 3 things I enjoy the most in WoW…

    1. Farming – To gather materials for crafting items to help others level and gear up.
    2. helping new players navigate the the ins & outs of WoW and become better players with hopes to better the player base in general
    3. casual raiding (which is hard to fine with most being hard core & openly hostile to anyone that maybe isn’t as “good” as they should be)

    What I don’t miss is the way people treat others without even knowing anything about them. Me for example. I am disabled and will never be a gifted hard core heroic raider, I simply don’t have the dexterity and reflexes to perform at that level. That dont mean I should be cast aside and ridiculed and truth be known this takes place far more often in game than people realize.

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  3. 1. I like the vast, open immersive world! It’s what drawn me to WoW for all these years.
    The music is always fitting too. I like that!

    2. Eversong Woods. The atmosphere in Eversong Woods (I haven’t played the cata vers, I only played the tbc version) is so relaxing.. it’s so beautiful! I always finish EVERY quest there to stay there as long as possible. I could stand there for hours just listening to the music while doing other stuff.

    3. Questing! The simple grinding with a reward (either a level up or a quest reward), and sometimes you meet new friends =)
    Even though I’ve done it countless of times and I know many quests already by heart, it doesn’t bore me. =) It’s sort-of relaxing for me, actually.

    hough my opinion is biased. The first mmorpg I played is WoW and I was young at that time, so it made a deep impression on me
    that’s probably why I keep coming back.

    my grammar isn’t the best, sorry!

  4. Hello,

    I like the idea!
    My top 3:
    1) Playing with other people – possibly even make friends
    2) Questing in all areas
    3) Achievements – titles, mounts, pets or just for the achievement

  5. 1. Exploring, the endless potential for discovery. You can run through an area 700 times and on 701 you think, “Oooh, I never saw THAT statue/ building/ big ass monster about to eat me before!”

    2. The little tingle of accomplishment from topping out a profession. Be it engineering or cooking, it’s always a mental “attaboy” when you hit the max.

    3. That no matter how many times you play or how many characters you have, there’s likely a combo you haven’t given a shot. Goblin priest with a fishing fetish? Dwarven chef who likes to freeze the baddies? Blood elf with a tanky vibe?

    I’ve been playing WoW since the beginning and it’s honestly gotten me through more tough times than I care to remember. It’s escape and energy and the little things that make me happy…. or piss me off royally when I get ganked by a murloc. Sneaky finned buggers!

  6. 1. Farming the mats/stuff needed to level professions. Hoarding what is left, just in case someone needs something in the future.

    2. Helping others… crafting stuff, beating bosses, guiding them, flying them, in general… Helping out where I can. Free or very cheaply, as I make my gold through questing and the AH.

    3. Being able to disappear into this world. Next to no one knows who I am, I can lose my self for hours at a time. Takes you away from the daily stresses and strains of real life.

  7. 1. I absolutely LOVE doing lore quests. Gimme a questline that has a story to follow and I’m in with both feet. Fallen Hero in Icecrown, The Lady’s Necklace, Battle of Darrowshire, and Rhea’s Last Egg are all amazing examples. I mean, Wrathgate was like a total nerdgasm.

    2. Achievements. I adore having a goal. If I get a pretty reward at the end of the line, even better. I find I can lose track of a whole day if I’m working towards something – rather dangerous, but fun.

    3. This will really sound Mary-Sue, but There are days when I’m doing something else (reviewing a show, listening to a podcast, etc) and I have WoW up on my main screen. Sometimes on those days I just can’t work it up to do much, and I end up jumping around in Two-Moons.

    On those days, if someone asks a question in /2, I do my very best to help them. I find more often than not that my effort pays off in spades. Not that I get anything in return except a feeling of satisfaction, mind you.

    Sometimes it’s a lowbie who doesn’t know how to get somewhere, other times it’s someone who wants something crafted, or even just a person who wants a simple question answered. Yeah, they’d usually be troll-bait on my server, so I take the time and send a tell.

    Maybe it keeps that player in WoW a few more months, maybe not. Maybe it means they get enjoyment from a game when they would’ve had a frustrating experience instead. I dunno, but it makes me feel good.
    Yeah, I know, #3 wasn’t a short description – feel free to edit it down to “I like to help people”. Because TL:DR. πŸ˜€

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  9. First of all, I think this is a great initiative! I love the WoW community, but I agree on the point that we should focus on the good stuff that makes us stick around. I just got back to WoW after a 6 month break, and think I’ll stay for good this time. There’s no other game that suits me better.

    So, here are the 3 things I wanted to get back to:

    1. The music. Sometimes I like to travel to an area, just for the music, and go /afk to sit back and enjoy it.
    2. Countless things to do. There will always be something to achieve. I’m working on my mounts and pets collection atm.
    3. The Lore: Factions and races to get into, worlds to explore. I’ve read the novels, there’s nothing more immersive than the story behind it all.

    Keep up the good stuff!

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  11. 1. Beat the Celestial Tournament. Still quite a few who haven’t lot of guides up now and you get an awesome cute pet the first time you do it!
    2. Find all the treasures in Pandaria. These are easter eggs around the world. I recently did this and had a good time doing it.
    3. Farm up all the rare drops from mobs that will go in your toybox for WoD! Camp rare farms, get those drops so all your toons can share them. WoWhead has a great search for Toys and there’s a guide up as well. I spent time even getting the water gun from jumping 250 spouts in Throne of Thunder. Also been doing the Argent Tournament to get Banners that so far will be in. Lot of these change every build, but never hurts to be prepared.

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  13. Some of the things I’ve always enjoyed doing

    1: farming – Some days I just enjoy doing this because it’s easy to do and I don’t have to worry about what else is going on. Plus we all need mats right?
    2: old content runs – I love going back to old raids/dungeons at max level to try to solo/duo them. I’ve managed to duo everything up to Lich King raid, and hoping that will be more manageable once I hit 100.
    3: Achievements – who doesn’t love achievements? One of my greatest achievements in the game was getting the It’s over 9000 feat of strength.

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  15. I have been playing for near a decade, and don’t intend to stop any time soon. While there are fair weather players who will run to the next new thing, I prefer WoW.

    1. Data integrity – Cannot stress this one enough.
    2. A entertaining story – It can be as short as a cinematic or in depth reading material, while still being enjoyable to a variety of players.
    3. Quality of final product and penetration of the marketplace – Blizzard has been making quality games since the olden days. I remember tweaking Sound Blaster settings/the sound test in Warcraft (DOS). I remember the original battle.net which was incredible for dial up modem connections. Morhaime has kept the company up in the face of competition, smiting “wow killers” each and every time.

    I appreciate these things and many more. Blizzard continues to impress me and I will continue to vote with my wallet. Let the others whine, but don’t let it ruin your fun!

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  20. Many things to do!

    1. Leveling my chars. I’ve chosen 10 class/spec combinations, and while 6 of them are already happy and 90 and geared in Siege of Orgrimmar, the other 4 are now at Cataclysm. I love all my characters equally, so each and every of them by November must be 90 and trying to gear up in SoO things. Then I can choose who from Horde and Alliance will step on Draenor land first! And while leveling, I’m also following my chars’ paths and writing amusing stories for this fresh blog and making multiple screenshots for illustrating πŸ™‚

    2. Crafting and professions! While my leveling chars must obviously reach 600 points in their main and side professions (except maybe Archaeology and Fishing) to come to Draenor prepared, I also login every morning with all of my 90s. It takes only 10 minutes with my morning coffee to gather crops from the farm and get enough mats for crafting a rare daily cooldown. So when my Cataclysm-dwelling girls reach 90, they have everything they need to rush into the raids. And my jeweller provides a solid cash flow every day.

    3. Gear up! Since I’m a casual raider (who nevertheless provides a solid DPS support and doesn’t make silly mistakes through LFR), I’m only chasing the whole class-based SoO sets for each and every char. A bit easier for me cause I never wear helmets, but still such a lottery 😦 6 kills of Sha and still no chest plate for my warrior πŸ™‚

    4. Minor things I do not do on a daily basis. Like I feel I need to see what is Ulduar (and I did!), or dig a bit archaeology, or hit some Exalted reputation, or level a mechanical pet few levels up. Even with my once-only-one-character who has most achievements there’s always something to do!

    And I already did a goals-page for all of my chars where I cross out the achieved thing -http://gnomecore.wordpress.com/things-before-wod/

    Also did a post at my blog with the link πŸ™‚

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